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Feeling really cavelier

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But you know I was really flipped out you know and she asked me
if I’m angry or something I said of course I’m angry man this
isn’t high school or anything you know so I’m feeling really
cavalier and I say ah…call me if you want to…
huh, yeah…call me if you want to
So she rang me up [...]

I missed you!

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It’s like this…
I didn’t mean to take a long break.  I meant to take a few short breaks.  I wanted to get out from under the pressure of writing every day.  And then one day off turns into three days off, which turns into 5 days off.  At this point, I feel bad because I [...]

Tattoo progress!

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I really meant to do more today.
I had grand plans of writing and other adventures.  Instead, I napped, sat on the couch watching Mythbusters, and played my guitar.  I regret nothing.
I did venture out early in the day, to have a brief meeting with my friend Jim, who brought many fine cheeses.  This trip he [...]

My hands wrapped around a student’s throat…

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Good evening!
It’s evening for me.  I’m not sure what it is for you, because I don’t know when you’re reading this.  It’s safe to say you’re reading this now, because whenever you find yourself reading this, it’s now for you.  Your now and my now, however, are two quite different now’s.  My now is your then.
And [...]

Civil Rights piece

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Just so you know, this is going to be one of those pieces.  A little divisive, a lot rambling.  I apologize in advance for the rambling.
I’m extremely bothered by something, and I desperately want to talk about it.  But I don’t know how… everything I want to say is coming at me from 5 different [...]

Where’d you get that tattoo?

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In as much as this blog has become a record… and make no mistake, it has become a record.  Whether or not that was my intent has become irrelevant; the blog has transmogrified into a series of snapshots of my life.  On some days, it’s a chronicle of my adventures.  On other days, it’s more [...]

Droids, Cthulhu, and Magnificent Bastard

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What an amazing day.
Have I ever mentioned the blessed life that I lead?  Today was yet another dose of awesome.
My day began as almost every day begins; Tara woke me up by telling me she loves me.  That’s a good way to wake up.
After work, we went down to Mondo Tees for a release party.  [...]

The interwebs is funny

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I have to change the title of this.
When I blog, I usually write the body, and then pick a title later.  Because what I intend to write is not always what I end up writing.
When I write for CMDS, I write the title first.  I’m usually a bit more focused, so it’s easier.
I’m not so [...]

Art you can use!

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I’ve been feeling blocked for… about a week now.  There have been a few bright spots, short bits of time when I can manage to squeeze something out of my brain and onto the screen, but they have been few and far between, and with one exception, never about the things I desperately WANT to [...]

Fish Story and I

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The story of my solitude
If my solitude were a fish
It’d be so enormous, so militant
A whale would get out of there
I know it would
I’m sure it would
I’ve already written a review of Fish Story.  I have no intention of doing another one.  And yet, I find myself in the mood to talk about it.  That’s [...]

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