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My nemesis uncovered

Posted by Mick under Film, Personal (1 Respond)

I’m finally putting my VCR to DVD dubbing machine to work.  It hasn’t seen any action in quite awhile.  Partly due to my own laziness, since I have one or two things I should probably get dubbed over while I still can.  Did I say partly?  That should actually say mostly.  I’ll let you edit [...]

A little magic power

Posted by Mick under Film, Herzog, Personal (1 Respond)

Something’s at the edge of your mind, you don’t know what it is.
Something you were hoping to find, you don’t know what it is.
Then you hear the music, and it all comes crystal clear.
The music does the talking, says the things you want to hear.
Art should speak to your soul.  That’s what makes it art.  [...]

I’m feeling the Captain’s Itch

Posted by Mick under Film (No Respond)

The title of this entry means absolutely nothing.  It just sounded good.
Does anyone know where it came from?
I really just don’t have much to say today.  We bought tickets to see A Town Called Panic at the Alamo Drafthouse this weekend.  We opted to wait until Sunday, it seemed like an excellent choice for a [...]

Maybe the Shrike can stop it!

Posted by Mick under Books, Film, Herzog, Mastodon Dethklok, Scripts (1 Respond)

Alas, another dream crushed.  Hyperion is finally getting a film treatment, and it’s at the hands of Scott Derrickson.  The man behind the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still is going to make a movie out of one of my favorite books.  Not only will I get a suck movie, but the odds [...]

Come on and rock me, Werner Herzog

Posted by Mick under Film, Herzog, Personal, TV (No Respond)

The grand Werner Herzog project has begun.  I’ve determined that I will work my way through his catalog, watching every thing I can get my hands on, and talking about them right here. I’m starting fresh.  Whatever I may have seen of Herzog in the past doesn’t count, it must be viewed again; partly for [...]

The Book of Eli

Posted by Mick under Film (No Respond)

It has been a long one.  A good one, but a long one.
I’ve been studying for a new class all week, and that meant going through lots of content.  Then when we got off work, we headed straight to the South Lamar Drafthouse for the Book of Eli screening.  We grabbed our tickets, went to [...]

The Book of Mucci

Posted by Mick under Film (No Respond)

The Book of Eli.
I really don’t want to be excited about this movie.  I am excited about this movie.  As much as I look at the trailer and walk away unimpressed, as much as Denzel always leaves me a little “meh” (at least since he left St. Elsewhere, which was awesome), this movie has two [...]

and able to jump extraordinarily high.

Posted by Mick under Film, Personal (No Respond)

As if today wasn’t going well enough already, I just found out about this.  Asylum Home Entertainment, you know them, right?   Halloween Night?  666: The Child?  The DaVinci Treasure?  Not tinging a bell?  How about  cleverly titled Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus? Did you see it?  A shark so big it grabbed a jet [...]

I’ll show you the life of the mind!

All my angels have gone home
Can we use yours?
What a day.  What a damn wonderful day.
We had a meeting at work today.  Our GM, who is as nice a guy as I’ve ever worked with, wants to start a new weekly meeting to keep the team informed of what’s going on and just make sure [...]

These are the days that try men’s souls

Posted by Mick under Blog News, Film, Personal (2 Responds)

Sorry folks, not every post here is going to be candy colored unicorns dancing in the sun.
The last day or so has been . . . challenging.  We’ll say challenging, because I’ve heard from one or two sources (mainly my parents) that my vocabulary tends to be a little blue, and I figure I’ll save [...]

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