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These are the days that try men’s souls

Posted by Mick under Blog News, Film, Personal (2 Responds)

Sorry folks, not every post here is going to be candy colored unicorns dancing in the sun.
The last day or so has been . . . challenging.  We’ll say challenging, because I’ve heard from one or two sources (mainly my parents) that my vocabulary tends to be a little blue, and I figure I’ll save [...]

I guess we went live…

Posted by Mick under Blog News (No Respond)

That’s right, friends and neighbors.  It seems that while I was still playing with the settings and obsessing over stuff that will not matter for weeks, my lovely partner in crime decided to go public with the blog.
She’s probably right.  It’s better to let you see the chaos that occurs as we get the shop [...]

And so it begins!

Posted by Mick under Blog News, Personal (1 Respond)

Well, it hasn’t really started yet, but . . .
I’m leaving this post behind, so that future visitors to the site can look back and see what things were like in the before time.  2009 is going to be the year that I buckle down and work towards a major life change.  It may not [...]

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