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This here? It’s a lullaby.

Posted by Mick under Adventures, Film, Music, Personal, YouTube (No Respond)

Here comes the sandman
With a pocket fulla sleep dirt
He’s not a bad man not as bad as he seems
and he’ll get you dreaming your baby dreams
He’ll get you dreamin’ your dreams.
Saturday night, and what am I doing?  Scheming and planning.  Oh yes, scheming and planning.
In between the scheming and the planning I’m reveling.  Reveling in [...]

Have Geek Will Travel

Posted by Mick under Adventures, Personal, TV (No Respond)

It is indeed a glorious day.  Thank you for coming by.  You might not realize it, but I was actually thinking of you when I wrote this.
And not at all in a creepy way.
The day started out wonderfully.  I woke up, got some coffee, and found that Encore Westerns was running a marathon of Have [...]

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