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Droids, Cthulhu, and Magnificent Bastard

Posted by Mick on June 26, 2010 – 12:27 am

What an amazing day.

Have I ever mentioned the blessed life that I lead?  Today was yet another dose of awesome.

My day began as almost every day begins; Tara woke me up by telling me she loves me.  That’s a good way to wake up.

After work, we went down to Mondo Tees for a release party.  Mondo has teamed up with LucasFilm to release a Star Wars themed poster series, and today was the release of the first poster, a fetching little number by Jeff Soto.  Tara wanted one to hang in the living room… have I mentioned that my wife rocks?… so we got one.  It looks an awful lot like this:

Quite awesome.  And since we were one of the first people in line, we got a vintage power droid toy as well.  R2-D2 was there as well.  I have video evidence.

And then we headed down to AMillion Tatoos to meet Jason Masarik.  It was an interview, of sorts.

History Lesson: I’ve been wanting a new tattoo for some time now.  A few months ago, I decided that I wanted a piece of custom art… something influenced by me, but from the mind and style of an artist I really dug.  Of course, I contacted missmonster (Melita Curphy) and asked her to do the honors.  I didn’t give her much to go on except that I wanted it to have her style, maybe a beastie or two, and possibly penguins.  Bad ass penguins.  Penguins that Lemmy would wear.  Go ahead and laugh, I like penguins.  I love penguins.  Penguins are awesome.  I got to pet a penguin once.  I didn’t stop smiling for 3  hours.  But I digress.  Melita tried, but alas was unable to make penguins sufficiently badass.  I sent her a picture of my alter ego, Magnificent Bastard.  That clicked.  She responded with a sketch of Magnificent Bastard in an epic battle with Cthulhu.  I was very happy.  A little ink, a little color, and I had a tattoo that was intensely personal and uniquely missmonster.  Thus began the search for the tattoo artist.

I couldn’t trust this to just anyone.  This piece of art means too much, and it’s going to be too large, to get it wrong.  I needed a sign.

Justin Ishmael, of Mondo Tees, recommended Jason.  He said he was “really good and a total nerd”.  Coming from Justin, I took that as a good sign.  I called him today, and we made an appointment to talk after the release party at Mondo.

I’m always awkward at first meetings.  That has nothing to do with this story, but it adds atmosphere, so I thought I’d throw it in.  I’m also a little intimidated by tattoo shops.  Well, not actually by tattoo shops, but definitely in tattoo shops.  I’m not sure why, but I always feel like I’m being judged.  To be fair, I have that same feeling when I go to the Domain.  To be honest, I have that feeling most everywhere I go.  But that doesn’t matter right now.  All that matters is that I was feeling that way now.  Now being a relative term, relating to the now that was me in the tattoo shop.  Not now as in now while I’m writing this.  I feel fine now.

I meet Jason, hands are shaken, seats are offered and accepted, shirts are removed (well, one shirt, my shirt, for reasons which will be clear soon enough), and the talking begins.  I show him the art.  he takes one look and says “That’s missmonster, isn’t it?  I love her stuff.”  Turns out he’s a fan, of both missmonster AND Cthulhu.  He’s hired.  Tomorrow, we start the outline.

I guess I should show you what I’m talking about…

I’m a little nervous, it’s going to be huge.  We’re doing a half-sleeve.  This is going to be epic.

And with that, I bid you good evening.  Sleep now.  Ink tomorrow afternoon.  Jodoworsky tomorrow night.  My life is awesome.

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