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Archive for May, 2010

The Bell Curve

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As we move through this life, we’ll experience good days, and we’ll experience bad days.  It’s inevitable.
If I learned anything in Graduate School, it’s that, given a large enough sample, almost everything we can measure in the human condition will be evenly distributed according to a very predictable pattern.  It’s called the Bell Curve, and [...]

A night with Naj

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I spent the vast majority of my evening with Naj.
This was a good thing.  We haven’t been hanging nearly enough recently.  There are lots of reasons why we haven’t, but that doesn’t matter.  Sometimes you just have to make time.  Tonight, there was some website work that needed to be done.  It probably could have [...]

Frustration Station

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I’m trying very hard not to let this day beat me.
Frustration is attacking from every side.  I’m trying to learn some new technology (Exchange Server 2010), and I’m a bit under the gun.  We have a marketing event in two weeks, and I have to give two presentations on it.  It’s a lot to learn, [...]

This one will get Spammed.

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I wish I had something deep and meaningful to discuss with you tonight.
Unfortunately for you, I was reading earlier.  Well, I wasn’t really reading Reuters, that’s a bit too “newsy” for me.  I was reading Reuters “Oddly Enough”, because the articles there are usually a bit more to my taste.  There’s some messed up [...]

The new quiz sensation

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Guess what I’m listening to right now.  It’s music, but what music?  Seriously, I want you to stop what you’re doing and think about it… What is Mick listening to right now?
Write down your guess in the following space.

Some of you are looking down here now, and that text box above you is empty.  I [...]

The Raven

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This should really go on the CyberMonkeyDeathSquad site, but it’s not quite finished yet, I don’t want to put anything else on the old one, and I don’t feel like waiting.
Have you seen The Raven?  If you’re first thoughts are of Vincent Price and Edgar Allen Poe, that’s cool.  If you immediately thought “What about [...]

More bridges crossed

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I did neither movie, nor music, nor television this evening.
This evening was devoted to friends.  First, my best friend and I headed down to UT to pick up the tickets to the skybox.  Then we went for burgers… 5 Guys burgers.
There are better burgers in Austin.  This I know.  None of them are easy.  I [...]

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