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More bridges crossed

Posted by Mick on May 1, 2010 – 12:08 am

I did neither movie, nor music, nor television this evening.

This evening was devoted to friends.  First, my best friend and I headed down to UT to pick up the tickets to the skybox.  Then we went for burgers… 5 Guys burgers.

There are better burgers in Austin.  This I know.  None of them are easy.  I didn’t feel like going to 6th street and waiting an hour or more for a burger.  I wanted a good burger, and I wanted it fast.  5 Guys does that, and they do better.  It’s a damn good burger.  The fries are fresh, hot, and too damn many for most people to eat.  If you like it a little spicy, the Cajun fries are the way to go.  The service is great, too.  I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with everything except tomatoes (everything, by the way, includes grilled onions and mushrooms).  A little later, I realized that everything also included ketchup.  I despise ketchup on hamburgers.  Ketchup ruins the burger for me, seriously.  I asked if they had made it yet, so I could change the order.  They had made it.

Now at this point, I am not expecting them to fix it.  It’s my mistake, not theirs.  I tell them it’s fine, and I’ll take the burger.  They made me another one anyway.  That’s service.

I’m glad they did it, too.  Damn fine burger.  Damn good fries.  And they have boxes of salted in the shell peanuts in the dining room.  Boxes of them.  They don’t care if you eat ‘em, either.  I always eat a few.  Handfuls.

And then we headed over to see Tron.  I don’t know how many of you know Tron, but if you don’t, you should.  Tron is an angry, opinionated, and generally ornery fellow.  He’s one of the smartest angry, opinionated, and generally ornery fellows you’re likely to meet.  And he’s by far the most decent angry, opinionated, and generally ornery fellow you’re likely to meet.  Tron has been writing for the website almost since the day I met him.  I’ve considered Tron a friend since the day I met him.  That doesn’t happen often.  Tron’s a hell of a guy.

I’ve been holding him back lately, because I couldn’t keep up with getting stuff online for everyone.  He’s one of the big reasons we’re making the changes.  I want to get Tron back to doing what he does best. I believe the first thing we can expect from him is at least one piece on Matt Helm.

We sat around Tron’s living room.  Tron, Nate, Tara, and myself.  Sweet Dick Rob Lambert was there for a spell, but he took off to see a movie with his lady.  We didn’t watch a movie, or TV; we didn’t even listen to music.  We talked.  We talked about movies, and music, and wrestling of course.  Tron and Nate had a 15 minute argument regarding the superiority of Nirvana as opposed to Pearl Jam.  Tron is pro-Pearl Jam, Nate is pro-Nirvana, and I decided that No Code is Pearl Jam’s  Physical Graffiti.  Pearl Jam fans dig it, everyone else thinks it’s a bit pretentious.

The point is, we talked.  We discussed.  It was intellectually stimulating.  I dig that.  There hasn’t been enough of that lately.  There should be more.

And camping.  There should be camping soon.

On a similar but separate note, I have started reading another comic.  I’m not really a comic guy.  It’s not because I look down on it, I don’t.  Not at all.  It’s just something I never got in to as a kid, and as I got older I had other interests, and you can only have so many active interests at a time.  I was always a jumper, I either go all the way in, or I stay out, and so I never really got “in”.  I was aware of them, I knew the major players, but I never really read much.  A few here and there, I picked up Alan Moore, well after he was cool, of course.  I read Sandman after I discovered Neil Gaimen’s novels.  I read a few of the Dark Horse Star Wars series when they came out.

And as a young teen, I read many of my uncle’s Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.  And more than a few books by R. Crumb.  I’m not a Philistine.

Part of me always wanted to get into comics, but I know me, and I knew I would go full bore balls to the wall and to be honest I can’t afford that.  What I’m doing now is very slowly introducing… no, experiencing… a few of the tried and true classics.  I recently read the entire Preacher series.  I was wondering what to do next, and I remembered that my friend Geoffrey Glass had very strongly suggested I read the Scott Pilgrim series.  Geoff has damn good taste, so I decided I should pay attention, especially since the movie is coming out soon.  I had Tara pick up the first one, and damn it, I’m hooked.  The next volumes must be purchased soon.  Probably not tomorrow though.  I am going to the comic store tomorrow, but I most likely will NOT be buying anything.  For tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day.

Free Comic Book Day is a day (obviously) on which all the comic book stores in the world… well, not all of them, just the cool ones… they all give away comic books.  For free.  Hence the name “Free Comic Book Day”.  Anyone that walks in the store on that day gets free comic books.  And I’m not talking the stuff nobody wants.  These are some good comic books.  People line up for this stuff.  But you probably know that, don’t you?

I’ve known about it for years.  But tomorrow, I’m making the trek for the first time.  I’ve never gone before because… well, it just wasn’t my thing.  I had other things.  I could tell you stories.  But I think I want to go a bit deeper into this thing.  I feel like I’m lacking in my appreciation of this thing.  I’ve been   I’m going with Tron, for he is wise in the ways of the comic book world.  I am just an apprentice.

Comic books.  Another vice.  I see this ending badly.

Be good to each other.

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