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Limited Edition LOST posters!

Posted by Mick on May 22, 2010 – 2:11 pm

Bernard Gumz is a seriously twisted individual. It’s cool, though; it just makes his art that much more… awesome.

I first became familiar with Bernard when he was kind enough to do the poster for the CyberMonkeyDeathSquad screening of Dr. Infierno back in 2009. I’m sure some of you remember that one…

But that was then. This is now.

Bernard’s latest project is a limited edition series of prints commemorating the end of LOST. There will be 6 prints, 5 of which are previewed above. A select number of buyers will also get a secret Daniel Faraday print. Prints are 8X10, signed and numbered, and printed on high quality archival canvas sheets.

For a complete gallery, and details on how you can order your prints, visit the project web site.

Do I even need to hint what an awesome Christmas present this would make for the Lost-ie on your life?

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  1. 1. Bernard Said:

    Thanks for the love Mick! I helped form a group of cretins called “SCABFARM” and we have all sorts of fun stuff coming up in addition to those LOST prints…check us out at

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