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Bob Dylan is always welcome

Posted by Mick on May 19, 2010 – 10:24 pm

This is a strange night indeed.  I’m feeling the urge to sit here and write, and yet, at the same time, it’s the last thing I want to do.

What’s so strange is that there’s absolutely nothing that I would rather be doing.  No, I’m simply dealing with a massive dose of discomfort.  It’s as if I was psychic and could sense a wall of impending doom bearing down upon myself and the ones I love.  This would be cause for concern except for the fact that I’m not psychic and that I have had these feelings numerous times in the past and the vast majority of those times nothing untoward has happened.  Being aware of these realities does little to diminish the unease, however.

Strangely enough, talking about it seems to help as much as anything.   That’s where the blog comes in handy.  It’s a type of therapy

SIDE NOTE:  Pandora is trying very hard to make me like Hayes Carll.  It’s not winning.  I’m finding that whatever charms may have been there on the first listen, they don’t hold up with extended exposure.  I don’t dislike him, but I have no desire to put his music on the iPod.  Then again, to be fair the only time I listen to him is when I’m sitting here writing, and that just might influence my opinion.

I can’t speak for everyone… actually, I can speak for everyone, I’m like a philosopher here, and that allows me a certain latitude to expound on the human experience and generalize my thoughts on to the collective reality, so why don’t we just go for broke and speak for everyone… There are a host of things that we fail to take into account when we make a decision on whether or not we “like” something.  First impressions are powerful things, but sadly they aren’t always accurate.  Our mood at the time we’re exposed to it has a powerful effect, and is itself influenced by feelings about where we are, who we’re with, or what happened earlier in the day.  Let’s go a step further than mood and investigate our mindset.  What am I doing at the time I’m exposed to this thing?  What am I trying to get out of the experience?

There’s music I really like when I’m writing.  It’s usually music that I also like at other times, but particularly when I’m writing.  Then there’s music that I might like at other times of the day, but not when I’m writing.  But even that is too simplistic.  Often times I pick a particular playlist when I write, but there are times when I choose something else.  The music I need to listen to when I write is dependent on the type of writing I’m doing.

Or does it?  Only now do we see that we’ve only touched the surface of the issue.  I’ve made a case that the type of music I choose to listen to is driven by the type of writing I’m going to do.  Which might be well and good if I could swear that I always make the choice of what music I’m going to listen to based on what I’m going to write when I sit down, but that’s not always true.  Often times it’s just what happens to be the last thing I was listening to on Pandora.  I’ve gotten quite lazy of late, and Pandora makes it easy to be lazy.  If you’re willing to invest a little time into building your stations, they do an excellent job of exposing you to some stuff you may have missed.  Particularly if you have the paid service.  I find the free service plays a bit too much of the “sponsored” bands that don’t necessarily mesh with your choices.  But I digress.

I may have picked some music out when I was browsing the web, or catching up on Facebook, or reading some blogs, and then I drift into writing.  At this point, could it not be that what I’m listening to is driving what, or how, I write?  In which case, maybe the actual question is, does how I feel influence what I choose to listen to and write about, or does what I listen to drive how I feel?

Did those kids do those bad things because of the music they listened to?

Would my life be any different if I listened to nothing but “happy” music?

And if it would, is that a life I would want to lead?

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