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A night with Naj

Posted by Mick on May 6, 2010 – 12:56 am

I spent the vast majority of my evening with Naj.

This was a good thing.  We haven’t been hanging nearly enough recently.  There are lots of reasons why we haven’t, but that doesn’t matter.  Sometimes you just have to make time.  Tonight, there was some website work that needed to be done.  It probably could have been handled over phone, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as satisfying, and it would have been far less fun.

The computer errors continue, but this time they weren’t mine.  Naj decided to add a Windows XP partition to his desktop system (he was still running Windows 2000) and the computer decided this was a good time to sufer a fatal error.  Still not sure what went wrong, as it was 8:30 and the computer store closed at 9.  He decided to buy a refurb system, so we ran down to the store, grabbed one, got it home, threw the data drive from his old machine into the new one, and got him back in business.  With Windows XP.

This was a major milestone, because you can’t load iTunes on Windows 2000.  Naj needs iTunes because he has had an iPhone for months and never registered it, backed it up, synched it, or updated the firmware.  It hasn’t been working properly the last few weeks, and he was pretty sure that was why.  We got it loaded, I showed him how iTunes works, and we got his phone backed up and updated.  Works like a dream now.  That’s good news.

CyberMonkeyDeathSquad is almost ready.  In fact, if everything goes as planned, it should go live this weekend.  There are one or two bugs to be worked out with the search functionality, and one more little page to code, and then it’s done.  Well, it’s done enough to go live.  I guess something like this is never “done”.  It really does look amazing, and Naj has busted his ass to improve on several things that the blog software does poorly.

We have almost all the content that we wanted to keep from the old site moved into the new site.  I say we, but I mean Tara.  She’s moved damn near 100% of it.  I probably wouldn’t have moved most of it.  I’d probably have been sorry for that later.  Tara saved me from the despair that would have ensued.  She’s good like that.  And now I’m going to go join her in sleepy-time world.

Be good to each other.

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