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Archive for May, 2010

Much monkey on my mind

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Have I been neglecting my blog this week?  You could say that.  You could get a punch in the face for saying that, but that’s the chance you take when you mouth off to me…
Yes, I have neglected my blog this week.  I warned you this would happen.  Blogging every single day was good for [...]

Barbacoa. And a donut with bacon. I win.

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I’m sitting here tonight feeling little left out.  Everyone is watching the LOST finale.  Everyone but me.
I got wrapped up in LOST.  In the beginning.  I made it through the 4th or 5th season, I don’t remember.  When they got off the island.  I started the next season, and I don’t know, I got busy, [...]

Limited Edition LOST posters!

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Bernard Gumz is a seriously twisted individual. It’s cool, though; it just makes his art that much more… awesome.
I first became familiar with Bernard when he was kind enough to do the poster for the CyberMonkeyDeathSquad screening of Dr. Infierno back in 2009. I’m sure some of you remember that one…
But that was [...]

Deliver me!

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Let me tell you something, if it wasn’t for the near crippling depression, today would have been a great day.  In fact, depression be damned, today WAS a great day.
Before we get into that, let’s clarify this:  I don’t really have anything to be depressed about.  There are things in my life I wish were [...]

Bob Dylan is always welcome

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This is a strange night indeed.  I’m feeling the urge to sit here and write, and yet, at the same time, it’s the last thing I want to do.
What’s so strange is that there’s absolutely nothing that I would rather be doing.  No, I’m simply dealing with a massive dose of discomfort.  It’s as if [...]

They call me the Working Man, I guess that’s what I am.

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I just wrote a new piece for the website. It felt really good.
It’s funny, I sat down to write a quick 5 minute piece, a news item to link the trailer for the Rush documentary that’s coming out next month.  5 minutes turned into a full on article, which turned into me fighting to not [...]

Tommy Wiseau wouldn’t come to the desert

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How is one to enjoy all the things there are to enjoy?
That’s just silly.  Obviously, one could never enjoy ALL the things there are to enjoy.  Not to mention the obnoxiousness of the gender neutral third person singular pronoun.  Let’s make this personal, or let’s not make this at all.
How am I to enjoy all [...]

Where’s the Tylenol?

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What a good day.
I slipped over the last several day.  I said I was going to do more of the counting your blessings thing, but I haven’t been.  I’ve been stressing.  It doesn’t help that my mouth has been in near constant pain.  Some of the pain is from the recent crown work I had [...]

I miss you all

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I haven’t forgotten you, and I haven’t been lazy.  I have missed two days.  It’s a first, I know.
I did see it coming.  I even warned you that it was coming.  It wasn’t planned, however.  We ventured north, to the lands of my elders, for family reunion, mother’s day, multiple birthdays, and something called Cemetery [...]

I will not be shamed

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I was embarrassed today.
In my never ending quest to make myself and the world around me a slightly better place than it was yesterday, I feel that the only way to deal with this embarrassment is to share it with you.
I was walking down the aisle of our local HEB.  Actually, it’s one of two [...]

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