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Where there’s smoke

Posted by Mick on April 11, 2010 – 2:43 am

I’m just a little tired.

It’s been a rough two days at the office.  Got through with “work” yesterday and started the big project – completely tearing down two rooms and completely setting up two rooms.  Tables, cables, equipment… everything.  Crawling over tables, crawling under tables, twisting and turning and using muscles I don’t use so much anymore.  We finally left at about 11:15.  And I went back at noon today.  I went back a little more rested and much more sore.  My wrist is swollen and hurts like hell.  I don’t remember what I did, but whatever it was I wish I wouldn’t have done it.  I wish I could remember, because I’d like to tell myself not to do that thing again.

It’s going to ruin my golf game.  This will be my excuse to walk away from the game.  I actually walked away about 26 years ago, but I never had a good excuse until now.  Good times.

So I went in at noon, and worked for another 4 and a half hours.  And I still have to go back tomorrow night.  I’m glad this kind of thing doesn’t happen very often.  If I had to spend the weekend working my ass off, for the most part I got to do it with people I like and respect.  That’s a good combo to have.  I officially like my boss.  She has earned the most illustrious title I am privileged to bestow: She is “good people”.

Where I’m from, that’s saying something.

You might be interested to know that I just took a brief interlude to play my guitar.  If you in fact are not interested, feel free to jump to the next paragraph.  It’s amazing, 10 to 15 minutes of noodling around can restore my sanity like almost nothing else.  Tonight, amongst some other things I played, I revisited the first song I ever learned on the guitar, “Wish You Were Here”.  It’s funny how, even though I haven’t played it in months, maybe a year, it still sounds better than it did the last time I played it.  And as I was playing it, I could feel the stress leaving my body.  That’s not a metaphor, I could literally feel it.  I’m not insisting that some form of physiological change occurred, although I believe it did but that isn’t the point I wish to make right now, but the sensations were as real as what I’ve felt when the anesthesiologist gave me the happy-relax medicine (that’s the stuff he gives you before he gives you the happy-go-sleep medicine).  Those people that jumped ahead to the next paragraph are a little full of themselves, aren’t they? Who do they think they are? We don’t like them, do we? Some people meditate, I play music.  And that is why I would never want to play professionally.  If it became work, I’m afraid it would feel different.  And screw it, I am going to make that point.  The act of playing the music, and the reactions I have to the music, induce changes in my thought processes which in turn induce changes in the neurotransmitters my brain is producing, which in turn induces different signals to my musculature, my gastro-intestinal system, and affects the output of various other hormones and secretions in the body all of which lead to a state of relaxation.  It’s a physiological change.  Trace the system, the theory is perfectly sound, and if you do the research, you’ll find copious amounts of empirical data that lend credence to my statements.  For those among you who require something a bit more immediate, concrete, and yes I’ll say it pedestrian, imagine that the object of your particular desire were to walk up to you right now, slowly lick their index finger ever so seductively as they looked you in the eye, and then put that finger to your lips.  Do you think your body might experience some form of physiological reaction?  I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

I’d love to say more, I really would, but it’s very late.  Short story- went to Temple to see my Uncle who is in the hospital without a knee.  And as I write that, I realize that I can’t tell you that and not tell you the story.  You might want me to, but I’m emotionally incapable of resisting.

Last year, my Uncle (who is my uncle by marriage, my mother and his wife, my aunt, are twin sisters, but he’s been my uncle almost as long as I can remember, more than 40 years I’m sure, and as far as I’m concerned he’s more family to me than many of my kin who are related by blood) had knee replacement surgery.  That went well.  Then it got infected.  The infection was a beast and he was laid up in bed for almost a month.  Then he was better, but now it came back.  They had to take the knee replacement out, and then the infection has to be completely gone before they can put in a new knee replacement.  So now, and for the next 4 to 6 weeks, he has no knee.  That sucks.  When he gets the new knee in, he’ll have to go through physical therapy all over again.  That sucks even more.  He’s essentially down for the entire spring and a good chunk of the summer.  That’s not so good for a man who lives in the country and enjoys taking care of his property and keeping a vegetable garden.  We went up to see him and take him a bag of fresh fruit.  He’s having a hard time getting the hospital to give him fresh fruit.  I thought they would encourage that sort of thing more.  Maybe by offering you some fresh fruit.  Or at least by giving you some fruit when you ask for it.  I’m not saying they should give you mangoes or kiwis or Sri Lankan Star Fruit.  An apple, an orange, a freaking banana or two.

So my uncle has no knee and we went to see him.  We had a nice visit and then they gave him an Ambien so we left, because I’ve taken Ambien before and it’s much nicer when everyone leaves.  Then I came home and worked on my computer and then it started smoking and I stopped.

Yes, it started smoking.  I don’t want to discuss it but I’m going to put it up and wait for my father-in-law to get back and we will work on it together.  I’ve been out of the hardware game for far too long.  If anyone I work with is reading this, then this is why I keep telling you I shouldn’t teach the A+ class.  I’m not just saying that.  I used to be good with this stuff.  That was many years ago.  My kung-fu is weak, and the hardware is different.

I’m not going to lie, I hate doing it, but that’s a parallel reason.

So I’m tired and I’m going to go to bed so I can get up tomorrow and spend the day watching the three good Indiana Jones movies on the big screen whilst they feed me a 7 course gourmet meal.  Happy times!

Be good to each other.

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