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What’s that thing?

Posted by Mick on April 8, 2010 – 8:45 pm

Hallelujah, glory be, and Yippee-ki-yay.

Thanks in no small part to my Father-in-law, a veritable prince among men who’s not afraid to flip me off when I’m giving him shit, I now have a working desktop system again.  There’s still a trip to Fry’s in the near future to get it all the way finished, but it’s running an operating system now, and the first few applications have been installed.  That’s success in my book.

It’s not quite the screamer-dreamer that it was originally going to be, but a 3.6 Ghz Dual-Core Intel processor is nothing to sneeze at.  Especially not for what I do.  I’m not a gamer, the only game I play is Rise of Nations, a game that came out in 2003.  I have the expansion pack, and that’s technically 2004, so let’s call it a 6 year old game.  A six year old RTS game.  It’s not eating lots of processor cycles, that’s all I’m saying. I’m not a graphics person, either.  I’ll be using it to write and surf the Net.  I think this box is more than powerful enough to meet my needs.  And the case it’s in is damn sexy.

Since I do tend to transfer lots of files from my system to removable media, I’m especially excited about the front mounted eSATA port, which will let me hook up an external hard drive and transfer files from my machine to the drive at speeds up to 4 times faster than a USB 2 cable.  That’s pretty damn sweet.  And the motherboard has on-board hardware RAID, so I’ve got two 160GB hard drives configured in a mirror for my Operating System.

That leaves me feeling really good tonight.  That’s good, because I’m still at work.  This is my regular night to work a double shift.  Tara and I will both be here late tomorrow working on the new Mentored learning room, and I have a suspicion that I and a co-worker will have to come back up on Sunday to apply the finishing touches to the whole thing.  Or at least i will, since I’m the first instructor that has to deal with the room.  Bright and early Monday morning I’ll have 21 or so students who will be expecting everything to work perfectly.  if it doesn’t, it’s MY morning that will be ruined.

That gives me a powerful incentive to make sure it all works.  Self-interest is a powerful motivator.

I hope I don’t have to work too long on Saturday, because I’d like to drive up to Temple for a few hours.  That came out wrong.  I would not like to drive to Temple, and I would not like to be in Temple for a few hours, or an hour, or even a few minutes.  My uncle is in the hospital in Temple (again), and I would like to go see him and maybe brighten his day a bit.  after all, what brightens up a day better than a visit from me?

And now, I’m going to clean this room up and get ready to depart for the evening.  There are great things afoot.  The Alamo Drafthouse Village location is playing John Carpenter’s The Thing tonight, and Tara and I are going.  We’re also taking George.  George has never seen this movie.  He’s seen the original, but he hasn’t seen this one.  I love the original, but for God’s sake we’re talking Kurt Russell in a John Carpenter film here.  How can you not have seen that?  It’s a shame.  Or a sin.  A shameful sin.

Kurt.  Russell.

I’m excited, and I’ve seen it multiple times.  And tonight I’ll see it again on a big ass screen.

Be good to each other.

Since I haven’t had a desktop system for almost a year, I haven’t been playing anything, and there’s no reason to think I’ll start back up

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