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Was it just a crush?

Posted by Mick on April 13, 2010 – 10:53 pm

To further illustrate a point from yesterday’s entry, wherein I discussed the amount of attention, or more appropriately the complete and utter lack thereof, that I give to dressing myself, I would like to offer up this anecdote.

A scant few minutes ago, I took off the t-shirt I have been wearing for 5 hours, looked at it, and had absolutely no recollection of having chosen it.  I remember going to the closet to get a shirt.  I remember looking through a few shirts.  I do not remember picking this one, though.  I don’t remember ever considering this shirt as an option.  I must have just grabbed it blindly and put it on.

On the plus side, it’s a fairly rare shirt, Chris Duarte Group, when Barry “Frosty” Smith was the drummer.  At the time, Chris was my favorite guitar player.  I traveled from Midland to Austin several times to see him play.  I was the guy who showed up when the club opened so I could get a good spot.  Very much the fan boy.  He played at a club in Odessa and I talked 20 or so people from work into seeing him.  He fell off the radar a few years ago.  I found a new CD from him two, two and a half, years ago and I only listened to it once.  I don’t remember much about it, I remember turning it off and putting in his first Silvertone release, Texas Sugar Strat Magik immediately.  I was in a weird place then, so I’m thinking maybe I should give it another listen.  I think he’s released two more since then as well.  Perhaps that’s another project.

Speaking of, I haven’t forgotten my Herzog project, it’s just been really busy.  I think I will try and squeeze in at least one this weekend.

I said try.

Be good to each other.

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