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The Park

Posted by Mick on April 14, 2010 – 10:21 pm

Tonight’s episode of South Park was as good as anything they’ve ever done.  They went very meta, and they did it in a very smart way.  They had me laughing in minutes, by the end I was damn near giddy.  It made me happy.  I’m going to shut up about it now, because if I keep going I will drop a spoiler, and we all know I don’t want to be that guy.

Yeah, the episode is good enough that knowing the plot would be a spoiler.  I dug it very much.  It’s going to be a classic.

I was a big fan of South Park from day one.  I never thought it would last this long.  I’m glad it did, but I have seen so many things that I liked be rejected by a wider audience that it’s hard to believe.  And when they do manage to live, they often die a painful death when the creative juice runs out.  The most pleasant surprise with South Park isn’t that they’ve managed to keep it good, but that they’ve managed to make it better.  I’m most impressed with how much deeper they’ve gone with Cartman.  He’s become such a joyous fountain of pure and unrepentant evil.  I’m also really excited with their continued explorations of the psyche of Leopold “Butters” Stoch.  That twisted little freak is pretty much my favorite character on the show.

South Park.  14 seasons in and getting better every year.  I’d say it’s the best animated series ever, but we all know that’s a lie, for we all watch The Simpsons.  And we are truly fortunate, for we live in a time and a place where both of these shows exist.  At the same time.  And I’m missing the Simpsons right now.  So I’m going.

Be good to each other.

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