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The lap of luxury

Posted by Mick on April 28, 2010 – 10:53 pm

For the record, this article actually was written yesterday, and should have been published then.  Someone neglected to push the publish button.  I’m working on a conspiracy theory to explain it all.

When I woke up this morning, I thought the big event of my day was going to be the Iron Man 2 screening that we’re going to be attending tonight.

And that event is looking like it will be huge.  Paramount is flying in film bloggers from all over the country, so I can only guess that means we’ll be seeing at least a few special guests, maybe a director, maybe a star…  Good times.

But that has been eclipsed.  After a few questions to the management and a few conversations with the wife, I’ve decided that CyberMonkeyDeathSquad will be having an evening to remember on May 31.  The WWE is doing Monday Night RAW live from Austin that night, and we are going to get a luxury suite for the event.

To be honest, I’m not that excited about the RAW event itself.  Been there, done that, bought a t-shirt for Tara.  But throw in a suite, and now you’ve got a party.  We will be living the life of the privileged elite… at a wrestling show.  Insert your own witty comment, that may or may not reference irony, here.

Speaking of irony, these seats will be both the best and the worst seats I’ve had for a wrestling event.  All the times I’ve attended wrestling events in the past, I’ve been fortunate enough to get seats fairly close to the ring.  I’ve been first row, I’ve been second row many times, never far enough that I would have considered using binoculars.  This will be the furthest I’ve ever been from the action.  In my private box.  With a private restroom.  And a bunch of my friends.  It’s a little bit silly, and a lot awesome.

And at that point, I looked at the clock and realized I had to get gone.  I saved the draft and headed for the theater.  I don’t know why I felt the need to get there so early, but something was definitely nudging me.  A sense of impending chaos.

I was right.  When I got there, I was informed that the 50 tickets reserved for Fantastic Fest badge holders weren’t actually available.  All seats would first be filled by the people on Paramount’s list.  If there were any empty seats at the thirty minute mark, as many of us as possible would get in.  Chaos indeed.  There was some grumbling in the crowd, a few people were upset.  I chose to remember all the good times I’ve had at the Alamo, and all the times I’ve seen them bend over backwards to get people in to see films.  If they could possibly get me in, they would.  And if they didn’t, it’s just a movie.

So many of the people around me were acting as if this was some sort of ripoff, like they had been denied something that they were owed.  We weren’t owed anything.  My Fantastic Fest badge gets me exactly what I paid for.  Access to a week of great films. My VIP badge also gets me what I paid for, first choice at seats for those films.  Anything else that does or does not happen is a bonus.  I love a good bonus.  But it’s a bonus, it’s not an entitlement.

If this is starting to sound like a fan-boy defense, I wish to assure you it isn’t.  I’m a fan-boy for the Alamo, I make no apology for that.  I’m also a guy who likes to complain when he’s got something to complain about.  And I’m complaining right now.  I’m complaining about people who complain all the time.

Yes, I appreciate the irony…  I bathe in it.

I simply think it’s cooler to appreciate it when you get something extra than it is to complain when you don’t get something extra.  It’s also not effective.  Complaints about not getting enough bonuses tend to be interpreted by the giver of said bonuses as a lack of appreciation for the bonuses you did get.

And I got to see Iron Man 2 early.  For free. With Jon Favreau in attendance for a Q&A, and Robert Downey Jr there for the intro.  That’s pretty cool any way you slice it.  I’m not just thankful I got in, I’m thankful I had the chance.

I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about the life I lead.  When I moved to Austin, after spending most of my life in West Texas where cultural options were few and far between, it was with hopes of greater exposure to movies.  I found exactly what I was looking for.  I appreciate each and every cool thing I get to do, and I’m not bitter about the ones I miss.

And then it happened.  Not even Iron Man 2 was the height of my day.  Nope, when I got home I found an email from BitterMF telling me the new CyberMonkeyDeathSquad site is up in Beta.  I took a first peek, and I’m damn near giddy.  It looks so damn good it’s going to inspire me to write more.  I really want to show it to you now, but that would be wrong.  That would be so wrong.  And it would hurt.  I’m pretty sure there would be violence.  I don’t like violence.  Deep down, I’m just a peaceful guy.  So I probably shouldn’t show you.

Be good to each other

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