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The Austin Film Race

Posted by Mick on April 6, 2010 – 2:28 pm

Film race

It’s almost time for the Austin Film Race.  Do you know what a film race is?  You should.

There are two ways that you- and yes, I mean YOU.  Frequently, when someone uses the word “you” in an article like this, they’re using it as some sort of generic you, a less pompous way of saying “there are two ways one could participate”… but that’s not what I’m doing here.  This is personal.  I mean YOU, my dearest of all my dear readers.  Are you paying attention now?

There are two ways you could participate.

The first way you can participate?  Make a movie.

Put together a team.  You’re going to need someone who can write, someone who can direct, someone who can work a camera (which means you’ll need a camera as well), someone who can do makeup and effects, and of course, a few people who can act.  Assemble your team and pay your entry fee by April 21st.  Then sit back and wait.  At 10pm on April 23rd, you will be notified, via email and a web posting, of this years theme and surprise element.  Then you make a short film (no more than three minutes and thirty seconds) based on that theme and surprise element.  Simple, yes?

And now you’re saying “That sounds simple enough, but you said it was a race.  Where’s the race?”.  That’s an excellent question.  The race element works like this:  The Theme and Surprise Element will be announced at 10pm April 23rd.  Your completed film must be turned in by 10pm April 24th.  No excuses.  No exceptions.  That’s 24 hours to make a film. 

That sounds hard.  Why in the world would you want to do that?  If you have to ask that question, you probably don’t want to do it.  But consider the possibilities.  It’s a bonding exercise.  You and your friends will share an experience not an unlike a sports team in the heat of the playoffs.  It’s a chance for glory.  You can stand up proudly and show the world the awesome power of your creative juices.

Not good enough/  How about cash and prizes?

For those of you who don’t have friends, or access to a camera, or creative juices, there’s still hope.  I said there were two ways you could participate, remember?

The second way you can participate?  Watch the movies.

Attend the screening.  All of the completed films will be screened for the public at the Landmark Dobie  Theater on April 29th.  Film makers make films so that audiences can see them.  Show your support of true independent cinema by being that audience.

Listen up, people, I’m serious about this.  This is your chance to see the early works of the film makers of tomorrow.  This is your chance to “discover’ the next Rick Linklater. This is your chance to BE the next Rick Linklater.

Or… the next Tommy Wiseau.  Either way, doesn’t that sound like fun?

More information on the Austin Film Race can be found at the official website, as well as their Facebook page.

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