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Such a clean machine

Posted by Mick on April 25, 2010 – 1:38 am

Today’s entry is going to be short.  Short and sweet.

The new desktop system is fully up and running.  I’m sitting in front of it, writing this piece on it… right now.  Sweet.

All the credit, and many thanks, go out to my Father-in-law.  I stopped building PCs many years ago, and things have gotten a bit more complicated since then.  He not only gifted me with the CPU and motherboard that this beast is running, he assembled it as well. We spent the better part of last night in his garage, futzing around and getting everything running.  I did have to do some minor southern engineering on a power clip this evening, but that weren’t no thing.  And now, it’s playing Stevie Ray Vaughan through full size speakers with a real sub.  No more laptop speakers!

I’m ever so happy.

I’m also tired as I can possibly be.  Today was moving day for our good friend George.  Moving day for George means Mick and Tara work their butts off.  George is one of those friends you can count on.  So are we.  We moved everything out of his old second floor apartment and moved everything in to his new… second floor apartment.  Part of the way through the unloading, I espied a landscaping crew on their lunch break, and I’m not ashamed to say an arrangement was made in which they helped carry lots of stuff up the stairs and we greased their palms with some pictures of presidents past.

We got George moved in, and now we’re preparing to spend some time with friends we haven’t seen in ages, Jim and Emily Tankersley.  You might remember Jim and Emily from my blog on January 1.  They own and operate Jimily Farms.  They’re bringing us some goat cheese tonight, I’m anxious to try out the newest batch.  This is made from their own dairy goats.  Soon, you’ll be able to buy their cheeses online, but for now, only Tara and I get to try them.

Maybe I’ll feel like writing some more later tonight.  Maybe not.  We’ll see, won’t we?

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