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Aguirre, The Wrath of God

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My Herzog project continues.  Last night, I decided to go with one of Herzog’s masterworks, Aguirre, the Wrath of God.
Aguirre was Herzog’s first film with Klaus Kinski.  From all accounts, it was a troubled set, with Kinski and Herzog having very different opinions on how the character of Aguirre should be played.  In at least [...]

It grinds the beans!

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Perhaps it was not the best choice for a Sunday afternoon film.
I was already in a bit of a funk from yesterday.  It’s quite frustrating, feeling depressed and having absolutely nothing to be depressed about.  When I was in the brain business, we had a term for that.  It’s called “cognitive dissonance”.  Webster’s defines it [...]

Is there a hole in the bucket?

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I am so far off my game today.  I’ve walked through most of this day feeling like everything had been shifted just a tiny bit to the left.  The teeniest tiniest bit, infinitesimal if you will, but just enough to make you feel like things weren’t right.
You don’t know what’s wrong, you just know it’s [...]

That movie kicked ass

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Guess what I’m most excited about tonight?  I just got tickets for Tara and I to see All About Evil at the Drafthouse, with writer/director Joshua Grannell (better known by many as Peaches Christ), Cassandra Peterson (better known as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark), and none other than Mink Stole (from most of your favorite [...]

A frickin’ 12-guage, what do you think?

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Damn my memory.
We’ve discussed my memory before.  If you’ve been following this story that is my life, you know that when it comes to memory I am… oh, what word should we use here, how about challenged? I think that works… when it comes to memory, I am challenged.  Retentionally challenged.
My spell checker thinks retentionally [...]

The Park

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Tonight’s episode of South Park was as good as anything they’ve ever done.  They went very meta, and they did it in a very smart way.  They had me laughing in minutes, by the end I was damn near giddy.  It made me happy.  I’m going to shut up about it now, because if I [...]

Was it just a crush?

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To further illustrate a point from yesterday’s entry, wherein I discussed the amount of attention, or more appropriately the complete and utter lack thereof, that I give to dressing myself, I would like to offer up this anecdote.
A scant few minutes ago, I took off the t-shirt I have been wearing for 5 hours, looked [...]

It’s just a shirt

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Yesterday, as I was getting dressed, I grabbed one of my Bass Ass Cinema shirts.  As I was putting it on, I hesitated.  We were getting ready to go to the Indiana Jones Trilogy feast at the Ritz.
Did I want to be that guy?  The guy who wears the shirt of the place he’s going?  [...]

Unwashed hipster, this is for you

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I’m so very tired.
In case anyone was wondering, it’s about 11:30 in the PM and I just got home from work.  That sounds late, but to be fair it was after 8 when I went in.  I just had a few last things to do to have the new room ready for tomorrow.  And of [...]

Where there’s smoke

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I’m just a little tired.
It’s been a rough two days at the office.  Got through with “work” yesterday and started the big project – completely tearing down two rooms and completely setting up two rooms.  Tables, cables, equipment… everything.  Crawling over tables, crawling under tables, twisting and turning and using muscles I don’t use so [...]

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