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It’s business time

Posted by Mick on April 29, 2010 – 8:28 pm

It’s business
It’s business time
I know what you’re trying to say
You’re trying to say it’s time for business
It’s business time, ooh

It is business time.  It’s not that business time.  It’s actual business time.

Which is unfortunate, because I have no head for business.  I need someone to manage my business.  Like a business manager.  Someone to handle the accounting type stuff, making sure records are kept and taxes are handled and deductions are available.  Business stuff.  That should happen soon.

Reading the tweets yesterday, I ran across this gem from Neil Miller (of Film School Rejects) “Movie bloggers (self included) do too much talking about what they do rather than actually doing what they do“.  Earlier today, I was re-reading an article where several successful writers were giving their top 10 tips to writers, and ran across this gem from Will Self  “Live life and write about life. Of the making of many books there is ­indeed no end, but there are more than enough books about books”.

I’ve been writing too much about writing, and not writing enough because I have been too busy writing about writing.  The universe was whispering this in my ear for several weeks.  Now it’s yelling at me.

I’m not saying it didn’t do me some good.  A little introspection can be healthy.  At this point, it’s become procrastination.  Or masturbation.

Tara and I spent some time today going over the new site, finding a few things that need tweaking, and starting the process of picking some of the material from the original website and moving it into the new one.  Most of the moving was actually done by Tara.  She’s good like that.

We’re not bringing everything.  It’s a lot of stuff, and some of it just isn’t as good as the rest of it.  This is a great chance to make the things that embarrass me “go away”.  Or at least go away as much as is possible in a world where Google is keeping a copy of every web page it’s ever crawled.

I still have some work to do, so I’ll be signing off now.  It’s that, or get into the rant I can feel coming on about a high school friend and a grudge I only recently learned I still carry.  That will have to be dealt with at some point, but not today.  I think we can safely bury it for at least a few more weeks.

Be good to each other.

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