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Hey Homo!

Posted by Mick on April 20, 2010 – 4:13 pm

Before anyone asks, or says anything rude, the title of today’s is not a homophobic slur.  It’s a celebration.  Tonight, the lovely lady and I are going to the drafthouse for Hey Homo, the monthly program that celebrates gay themed film.  Tonight’s film is Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.  Hugo Weaving in drag is guaranteed to make my night a little bit better.  If you read this before 7pm tonight, you still have a chance to come.  if not, maybe you should check out next month.  I heard a rumour it involves Pink Flamingos and Mink Stole.

We now return you to my regularly scheduled rambling.

Dick Cheney and Billie Joe Shaver now have something in common.  Who knows what that is?  Hands up if you think you know.

Nobody?  Fine then, I guess I’ll have to tell you.  They both shot someone… IN THE FACE!

They have something else in common, as well.  They both got away with it.  Dick is one up on Billie, though.  Dick actually got his victim to apologize.

Now do me a favor.  Open your rememberers… I know most of you have good ones, even if mine doesn’t work… open your rememberers and think back to April 6th.  There’s a link for you, if your rememberer is broke like mine.  I told you all about the Austin Film Race, which I will from now on call the Awesome Film race, and I told you that you should go.  Even if you aren’t going to make a film, you’re going to go to the screening of the films, right?

Well, you have another chance to participate.  Thursday night, that’s 4-22, you’re all invited to the Austin Film Race 2010 Kick-Off Party.  It’s at the Dog & Duck Pub, from 9 to 11:00.  I want to go, but Thursday is my night to work late at the office, damn it, so I need at least a few of you to make the trek down there, have a beer or two, and let Adam know I sent you.

Do it!

and while you’re at it, Be Good to each other.

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