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This is me being sorry

Posted by Mick on March 27, 2010 – 1:28 am

We all knew it was just a matter of time.  At least I knew it was just a matter of time.  Knowing me as some of you know me, you should have known.  And even if you don’t know me, well… ok, I guess if you’re new here, you get a pass.  You couldn’t have known.  But the rest of you.  You knew.

I’ve always thought it was necessary to have a rule to live by.  That probably comes from being a bit of a romantic.  I was raised by a very honorable man, who himself was raised by a very honorable man.  Naturally, I combined the two, and to me, having a rule (or two) to live by became the honorable thing to do.  Provided, of course, they were honorable rules.  Most of them are.

Actually, all of them are, but some of them are more socially acceptable than others.

One of my rules, actually my primary rule, the rule that all other rules must be judged by, is that I try to treat everyone I deal with like I would want them to treat me.  Now, sometimes that’s not always how they would like to be treated, but treating others like they want to be treated isn’t one of my rules.   But I digress.  People’s feeling matter to me.

I try to consider how my actions and my words will affect others.  Especially my friends.  When I started this blog, I was concerned that in talking about my experiences, which inevitably leads to discussions of my  thoughts and feelings, I might say something that would upset a friend.  I can think of 20 different ways to do it.  Not literally.  I mean, I probably could think of 20, but I’m not going to sit here and try.  On a different night, I might.  But not tonight.  I’ve got to get to bed.  But I digress.  I wasn’t worried about upsetting a friend as much as I was worried about upsetting a friend inadvertently.

Sometimes, you’re going to say something that needs saying, something honorable, and someone will get upset.  I don’t care about that.  I’m sorry their feelings are hurt, but they choose to be hurt.  I do that.  I don’t enjoy it.

This isn’t one of those times.  I offended a friend inadvertently.  I screwed up, and it bothers me.  And since I did it here, I want to apologize here.  And that involves an explanation.

In my ever so controversial blog a few days ago, Another Political Rant, I said that someone I know and like said that the Democratic Party should be renamed the National Socialist party.  I then discussed, in my own inimitable manner, the things that were bothering me about the right’s responses to the passage of the Health Care bill.

In my head, it was perfectly clear that I was using that statement as a jumping off point, and that not everything I said in the blog was directed at the person who made that statement.  On paper (yes I know that’s an anachronism and I’m cool with it), it wasn’t so clear.  Especially to my friend.  He felt attacked.  That’s my fault.  I was a bit of a dick, and I apologize.

I should have made a few things clear.  First and foremost, nothing I said in the blog was directed at the person who said that.  I still think it was a poor choice of words- one of the many corollaries of Godwin’s Law surely applies here- but I wasn’t attacking him for saying it.  I didn’t mean to apply that he was evil, or even that he was the problem.  I wasn’t thinking about him.  I was thinking about the bigger picture.

I should have explained that.  I could have explained that.  I could have done it quite eruditely in the piece itself.  Or I could have sent him a message saying Dude, this isn’t directed at you personally. It’s not even directed at every conservative.  It’s the Party I have issues with.

I should have, and I didn’t.  That bothers me.

For the record, I have issues with the Dem’s too.  I don’t need to point them out, my conservative friends do that for me.

If there’s a first, there must be a second.  That’s another rule to live by.  It’s a minor rule to be sure, but a rule nonetheless.  In this case, Secondly will have to wait.  It’s late, and I’m attending my first Alamo Kids Club.  I’ve never gone before because I felt kinda bad about maybe taking a seat from a kid, but I want to see The Dark Crystal on the big screen, and why should kids have all the fun, and besides I’m bigger than them so there!  Tara wasn’t so sure about going so early, but I reminded her there would be French Toast.  I’m evil that way.

And if you’re keeping score, I did get those Weird Al tickets.  An entire row.  Not primo, but damn good.  We’re all mostly happy.

Be good to each other.

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