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Posted by Mick on March 16, 2010 – 6:59 pm

If you’re keeping score at home, yesy I did go back to the dentist today, and yes I lived through it.

Actually. today was an easy day.  I only went in to have the stitches removed.  When they pull a huge tooth like this one from your mouth, it leaves a big hole.  They put in a bone graft and then sutured the gum closed over the graft.  After a week, the stitches come out.  It’s all routine, I guess.

Yes, you read that correctly.  They shoved a piece of bone, a piece of bone from someone else (I don’t know who, who knows who, they won’t tell you if you ask so I don’t even bother), in to my freshly vacated tooth socket and then sewed it up.  It really doesn’t matter how much I hate/fear dentists and dental care, that’s Metal.

So the stitch is out, and now I wait for a price quote on the next procedure.  I need work on many teeth, but I can’t afford all of it right now, so I’m prioritizing the 2 or 3 worst ones and taking care of them now.  If I put it off until I can do it all, I’ll never get it all done.

Now, can we please talk about something else?

I’m not sure if you’ve heard about the American remake of the Swedish horror film Let The Right One In, but if you’re at all like me you love the movie and you’re worried that it’s going to be raped and ruined by it’s American re-telling.  I’m happy to say that it looks like we can relax a bit.  The director and the studio seem to be treating this project with the respect, and the love, that it deserves.  Peter Hall did a great interview with the director, Matt Reeves, and you can read the entire thing at

Let’s play a game.  Let’s say you’re a Christian… and that might not be such a stretch for some of you, you might even be one!  Let’s say you’re a Christian who believes in the Rapture.

Some of you may not be aware of exactly what the Rapture is.  The Rapture is the name given by many to an event described by the Apostle Paul in 1st Thessalonians 4:16-17.  It describes Jesus returning to the Earth and calling the believers to join him.  We will then bodily rise up in to the clouds to meet him.  Well, technically the dead will rise first.  It’s like a Zombie infestation, except they’ll all be floating straight up instead of milling around outside the mall.  After the dead rise up, the living will follow.  There’s debate in the Christian community about whether this event is the precursor to the tribulation (apocalypse) or if it occurs later.

Let’s say your a pre-trib rapture believing Christian.  Have you given any thought to what will happen to your pets?  You bodily rise into the clouds to spend an eternity with the Lord.  Your dog, your cat, your ferret… they aren’t Christians.  They are animals.  We’re not Buddhists, so we don’t even believe they have souls.  Your pets aren’t going to heaven, at least not yet.  Who will get your pets food and water?  Who will walk them or clean their litter box?  It’s a problem.  Unless you just don’t care.  And if you don’t care about your pet, I wonder if you’re much of a Christian.

Worry not, my friend, these folks have it under control.

I’ve checked out their website, After The Rapture Pet Care , and they seem to be a legitimate service.  They arrange for atheists and other non-Christians in your area to serve as Volunteer Care Givers.  For a small registration fee ($10, your pets are put in a database.  In the event of Rapture, the volunteer caregivers will come to your house and – you guessed it – care for your pets.  They will even search for your car if your pets aren’t at home.

I don’t know if I believe the story they are selling, but I want to.  I really want this one to be true.  If you know anyone who has registered with this company, or even better, if you know someone who has signed up to be a volunteer caregiver, I want to meet them.

That’s all I’ve got for today.  I’m getting ready to go and attempt my first SXSW film this year.

Be good to each other.

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