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So happy it’s sappy

Posted by Mick on March 4, 2010 – 1:53 pm

The kids couldn’t hurt Jack,
They tried, tried, tried.
They dropped things on his back,
They lied, lied, lied, lied, lied.

But they couldn’t stop Jack, or the waters lapping
And they couldn’t prevent Jack from being happy.

That’s a reminder – no one can stop you from being happy.  People can mistreat you, they can lie to you, they can try to bring you down, but at the end of they day you are the one responsible for your own happiness.  You can choose to let it get to you, or you can choose to be happy.

It’s not easy.  I know it’s hard.  When it comes to choosing to be unhappy, I’m really good at that.  I let things get to me all the time.  But I’m trying.  Every day, I’m trying to be better at owning my own happiness.  This is a reminder to you, and it’s a reminder to me.  Don’t let the man bring you down.  Don’t let the world decide your emotions.

But if one of you has the nerve to quote that damn Bobby McFerrin song at me, I will happily come down on you with the fury of a thousand fishwives.

I don’t have much else to say today.  Time is short, because I’m going to see Kevin smith tonight.  I’ve been looking forward to this for months.  I’m a little worried that we will have to listen to the entire “I’m too fat to fly” rant again, but I’m not going to let that bother me.  If he does go into it, I least hope he has something new to say.  Maybe there have been some recent developments.  Honestly, I haven’t kept up.

I love the man, in small doses.  I tried to follow him on Twitter, but the man tweets more than Scott Weinberg, and that’s saying something.  I’m not being critical, because I’m pretty sure that when I’m able to make my living creatively, when I’m not shackled by a day job, I will be just like that . . . tweeting or updating my status (or whatever ‘new” thing we’re doing at the time) incessantly because I have things to say and damn it, you all need to listen to me!

That might be the issue right there.  I’m not that interested in hearing all the details of someone’s life, I’m interested in telling all the details of my life.  I don’t need to hear, I need to be heard.  I’ve got things to say.

Hear my words, and take heed!

Today, I charge each and every one of you with a sacred quest.  Go out into the world and choose to be happy.  The best way to do that, I have found, is to attempt to spread a little love around you.  Do something nice for a friend.  Give a homeless person a dollar.  Do something nice for a stranger.

For a real rush, do something nice for your nemesis.  It will confuse the hell out of them.

Be good to each other.

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