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Archive for March, 2010

A day in G-Town

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Greetings and salutations.
I am quite aware that the previous statement is redundant.  Fortunately, I’ve never been one to let grammar or logic interfere with style.  And so I say:
Greetings and salutations, my friends.  Today finds me ensconced on my mother-in-law’s couch while my father-in-law and brother-in-law wrestle with a part on my wife’s car.  Some [...]

Mojo, Mayhem, and a Movie… or two

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I just got the strangest craving.  It’s 1 in the morning, and for some reason my body started screaming for… chocolate?  No, although chocolate would be the normal response.  No, my body was screaming for salt.
And now I sit here at my desk, creating what is surely a pathetic scene… a grown man snacking on [...]

Ethics and Decapods

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It’s time for another episode of Uncle Mick’s Ethical Conundrums.
Technically, this is the first episode of Uncle Mick’s Ethical Conundrums.  But I plan to do another episode in the future.  That’s the next episode, this is the other episode.  It’s an other episode, in a manner of speaking.  A grammatically incorrect, but incredibly clever, manner [...]

…and we play Rock’N'Roll

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Pancho needs your prayers it’s true,
But save a few for Lefty too
He just did what he had to do
Now he’s growing old
I’m not at all sure why I’m leading off with that tonight.  But there was no doubt in my mind that I would.  Perhaps you needed to hear it.  Perhaps it simply needed to [...]

GERD is the word

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It’s a wonderful Wednesday evening.  Wonderful, that is, if you are anywhere but sitting at work for the evening after spending the day sitting at work and then spending the time between your two shifts sitting in a meeting at work. 
I’m not really complaining.  To be fair, I have completed every bit of work I [...]

This is a title

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If you’re keeping score at home, yesy I did go back to the dentist today, and yes I lived through it.
Actually. today was an easy day.  I only went in to have the stitches removed.  When they pull a huge tooth like this one from your mouth, it leaves a big hole.  They put in [...]

Something goes here

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It’s Monday night and Stone Cold is on my TV.  How could I be anything other than happy?
I will look any man in the eye and say with no shame that I’m a Stone Cold mark.
SIDE NOTE:  In professional wrestling, the term “mark” has two meanings.  The first is a person who believes that the [...]

Happy Pi Day

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If you read yesterday’s blog, you heard me complain that the day had been wasted.  If you didn’t read yesterday’s blog, you now have all the background information you require in order to fully appreciate the following paragraph.
Today was an awesomely wonderful day in which many things were accomplished.  Now, I might be a bit [...]

Set the toddlers free!

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I like my women just a little on the trashy side
When they wear their clothes too tight, and their hair is dyed.
This was as wasted a day as I’ve had in ages.
When the average person says they had a wasted day, it usually means they didn’t do anything.  If you know me at all, you [...]

Herzog beats Hit Girl!

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Whilst my friends were at SXSW watching all sorts of awesomeness, I compensated by having my own brand of awesomeness.  I took off work a little early today with every intention of spending some time with Tron – that being my friend and co-writer named Tron, not some sort of movie reference.
I think we should [...]

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