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Graffiti Walk

Posted by Mick on March 29, 2010 – 9:56 pm

It was another lovely day in Austin, and I just couldn’t ignore it any more.  When I got off work, I skipped the gym and headed straight home.  A quick change in to my shorts and sandals and I headed out for a walk through the greenbelt.

This is one of the things I like about Austin, the fact that most anywhere you live, you aren’t too far from an area like this.  This is a few blocks from our house, and only a few minutes in and you already lose awareness that you’re in the city.  Occasionally something will sneak in . . .  like this.

This is a pipe.  I’m not exactly sure what it’s for, but it comes up from the sewers into the greenbelt and really looked out of place until it was decorated by some local hooligans.  This pipe demonstrates what I both love and hate about graffiti.  The painting of the toothsome beastie on the pipe?  Genius.  It transformed the pipe from an ugly eyesore that messed up the walk by pulling me out of my fantasy world in to a cool piece of art that almost blends in to my illusory vista.  But wait.  Click on the pic and see it full sized.  Some idiots felt the need to tag this.  They didn’t ruin it, but still, it’s a dick move.

What’s the difference?  One person saw this as an opportunity to create something.  Someone else saw it as an opportunity to destroy.

That makes me just a little sad.

Be good to each other.

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