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Posted by Mick on February 28, 2010 – 7:42 pm

It’s been a good day.  It’s been a real good day.

I slept late.  When I finally roused myself from bed, I was greeted by a pot of coffee and a bowl of “piggies”, Tara’s term for little smoked sausages wrapped in pieces of crescent roll, which is then baked to golden brown perfection.  They are quite delicious.  This was enjoyed with a western starring Richard Boone.  You may remember, I love Richard Boone.

And then I wrote.  This was another day with Mastodon/Dethklok.  Today I worked on the A Plot.  I don’t remember what I told you I did last week, but no matter what i said that was the B plot.  Does it really matter?  No, I just want to be consistent.

I spent 30 minutes this afternoon trying to figure out how to make a scene work, only to check my notes and realize I had already given up on it and gone a different way.  The new way makes more sense, will look better on screen, will be more fun to shoot, in fact it might be one of the money shots of the movie.  And I have no memory of switching it.

This is why I write things down.  I just need to remember to go over my notes before I start work.

Again no matter, because in the end I was relieved that the problem was solved, and that allowed me to get to work proper. I’ve got at least 75 or 80% of this plot scoped out now, I’m having a problem with the ending.  I knew this was coming, I’ve wrestled with the ending since day one.  I think it’s time for a creative consult with Tara.  Aside from the ending, I am really pleased with where the story is going.  The two plots are meshing together nicely, all the pieces are starting to gel, I’m feeling really good.

I had one scene pop into my head fully formed today.  I was listening to the Pandora station I’ve created for this character – I’m officially tired of tip-toeing around the names, I was working on the character we will refer to for now as Dethklok, although his name is Gary so we might call him Gary as well – I was listening to Gary’s Pandora station and it decided that I needed to hear a song by the band Apocalyptica.  They are a heavy metal band from Finland, but they’re a heavy metal band with a difference.  That difference?  4 cellos.  Listening to that song, the scene played out in my mind.  It was really cool.

Realistically, I know that it’s going to be highly unlikely this movie will have the budget to allow us to license the actual song is unlikely.  But I can hope.

There are cookies in the oven.  I will be eating them soon.  That is all.

Be good to each other.

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