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Stand By Your Man

Posted by Mick on February 15, 2010 – 10:09 pm

Winchester Cathedral
You’re bringin’ me down
You stood and you watched as
My baby left town

I have no idea why that came in to my mind the other night.  But it did, and I started singing it.  My lovely wife looked at me like I was “tetched”.

Now, before this story goes any further, allow me to tell you this.  I don’t mind when someone says I’m crazy, but I prefer it when they use the colloquial “touched”.  The term touched, as applied to those of us who society deems to be a bit off, comes from the belief that the insane had been touched by the gods, for good or bad.  Erratic behavior, non-sensical speech, seeing visions, all were caused by the person’s exposure to the spiritual world.  He had seen things that most of us haven’t seen.  Things we wouldn’t understand.  Things we couldn’t understand.

Things – we shouldn’t understand.

Now I’m not saying I’ve been touched by the gods.  I’m just saying maybe a near death experience at age 16 changed some of my wiring.  And maybe that’s not a bad thing.

Then again, maybe I do have a conduit to higher truths.  Perhaps I have been appointed a messenger unto you.  I’m not saying I have, I’m just saying maybe you should pay attention.  Yes, you.

I lay there in bed, my wife looking at me as if I’ve lost my ever-lovin’ mind.  I sang the rest of the song.  She has no idea.  So I looked it up on youtube, and there it was.  Thanks to the wonders of iPhone, we were able to watch it as we reclined.

I’d like to give you the chance to share that with us.  If you’re able, lay back right now.  Watch this from a horizontal position, preferably with a soft pillow ‘neath your head.  If you can’t lay back at the moment, that’s cool.  Watch it now, bookmark the page, and give it a supine viewing later.

Tara thinks it’s peppy.  We had a long discussion about the metaphor of the cathedral as being complicit in the man losing his girlfriend.  I choose to see it as an affirmation of the Church of England’s staunch support of a woman’s right to leave her abusive husband.  That’s right, the singer of the song Winchester Cathedral, the narrator if you will, is actually the antagonist in the story.  The woman is the protagonist, leaving the abusive man that’s tried to control her.  The Church facilitates it by not alerting the rest of the town, or “society”, who would have applied pressure on the woman to stay because her man needed her.

At least, that’s how I see it.  Be good to each other.

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