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Archive for February, 2010

System Error

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This class is making me sick.
Sometime in the last week, I might have mentioned that I’m having to teach a rather complex class without an adequate amount of preparation.  I’m having a difficult time putting how I feel in to words.  Frankly, I’m sick of my own whining.  The fact remains that I’m having to [...]

A toned, sexy core?

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When I got home from the gym tonight, I distinctly remember lamenting that I haven’t been watching nearly enough movies lately.  It’s a bit sad, but there’s only so many hours in the day, and I have things I need to accomplish.  Like writing this blog.  And going to the gym.
I dislike going to the [...]

Stand By Your Man

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Winchester Cathedral
You’re bringin’ me down
You stood and you watched as
My baby left town
I have no idea why that came in to my mind the other night.  But it did, and I started singing it.  My lovely wife looked at me like I was “tetched”.
Now, before this story goes any further, allow me to tell you [...]

Scattered, Smothered, and Covered

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I’m very tired.  It’s been an active weekend.
Valentine’s Day is also Tara’s birthday, so I tend to let her pick everything we’re going to do.  Yesterday she chose a trip to Mount Bonnell.  I was cool with that because we had Torchy’s Tacos first.  We followed it with coffee and dessert at Mozarts on Lake [...]

Thank you, Chris Fuller

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How did I get here
Where will I go
Why am I so haunted
By anything that I don’t know
I said I was going to write.  I spent 20 minutes on Facebook.
Some might see that as procrastination.  Some might see that as a downright waste of valuable time.  I see that as fishing.  The activities and musings of [...]

Again with the bacon?

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Another long day at work.
And as much as it sucked… and it did suck, believe me… as much as it sucked, I have to say I am blessed with some excellent co-workers.  It’s much easier to deal with this stuff when it’s a team effort.
That sounds incredibly corny, and I actually shuddered a bit as [...]

Stress abounds!

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I am so glad this week is almost over.  It’s been one of the more stressful weeks in recent memory.
Why so stressful?  That’s an excellent question.  Allow me to expound on that issue.  I warn you, the answer may be more than you bargained for, but them’s the breaks.
As many of you know, and some [...]


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I get off on 57 Chevys
I get off on screamin’ guitars
Like the way it gets me every time it hits me
I’ve got a rock and roll, I’ve got a rock and roll heart
Eric Clapton is an overrated douche.
There.  I said it.  I’ve been thinking it for years.  I’ve said it in private.  And now it’s [...]


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I’m watching Dirty Jobs.  I never used to watch Dirty Jobs.  Then I got married.  I married a Dirty Jobs addict, so now I watch Dirty Jobs.  Lots of Dirty Jobs.
It’s not so bad.  I like to think I’m learning something every time I watch.  For instance, I’m learning right now that the black pigment [...]

Family Matters

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If I said I had any idea what I was going to write about tonight, I’d be lying.
Stress is getting to me.  My job has been stressing me out lately, and today was the day it all boiled over.  I could explain it all to  you, in great detail, but I don’t think that would [...]

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