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I’m not going to slap him

Posted by Mick on February 4, 2010 – 8:57 pm

I’m still feeling a little sick, and I’m still at work tonight, because Thursday is my day to work a double.  In honor of these two things, I’m going to complain about my job for awhile.

I did complain about my job for awhile.  Then I read it and decided it was some of the most boring stuff I have ever written.  Because of my profound respect for you, my dearest readers, I chose to delete it all.  Since I already set it up, I think it’s only fair that i deliver something, so please allow me to summarize.

IT work is, for the most part, harder than you think it is.  That’s why it pays well. 

Some people are too stupid to be network administrators.

Some of my students are obnoxious assholes.  Liars and cheats with no socially redeeming qualities. 

I think that’s enough.  I’m happy to have gotten that out of my system.  Now we will return you to your regularly scheduled menu of unicorns shitting rainbows of happiness.

I desperately need to crawl out of this negative headspace.  Tomorrow should help.  Tara and I will be attending a screening of The Holy Duece, a movie that was made right here in Austin, featuring the marvelous acting talents of our good friend and ninja, Robert Lambert.  I’d recommend you attend, but if you don’t already have tickets, you’re too late.  The show sold out, got moved into a bigger theater, and sold out again.  Since you can’t go, I’ll at least share the trailer with you.  You can see Robert at approximately one minute and fifty two seconds in, he’s the Reverend Sharp. 

People I know making movies.  This makes me happy.  Soon, I will be a part of that world as well.  That makes me happier.  But the waiting… the waiting is the hardest part.  I’ve never been big on delayed gratification.  I want it all, and I want it now.  And I will get there. 

Funny how the pages turn
And hold us in between
A misty castle waits for you
And you shall be a queen
Today the cloud it hangs over us
And all is grey
But some day, one day…

Once again, my life is reduced to song lyrics. 

That’s enough for now.  It’s almost time to go home and snuggle up with my lovely wife.

Be good to each other.

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