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Did one of your homies get shot?

Posted by Mick on February 1, 2010 – 9:36 pm

You can’t see me,
My time is now.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

For those of you coming in to this conversation late, those are the opening lines of horribly over rated WWE superstar John Cena’s entrance music.  It’s a rap song.  You see, before he was in the Marine movie and became the poster boy for the American way, he was a rapper.  He had a rap album.  He wore a chain around his neck.  Not a gold chain.  Not a silver chain.  A big “I’m going to pull a tree out of the ground with my truck” steel chain, with a MasterLock holding the ends together.  But I didn’t come here to talk about that.  I came here talk about the song.  Or at least those two lines.  You can’t see me.  My time is now.

Is it one sentence? Am I unable to see him because his time is now.  Why would the fact that it’s his time, whatever that means, cause me to be unable to see him?  Perhaps he means it is his time to be invisible.  Yet every time I hear the song, I see the man walking down the ramp.  I see him.

Or maybe it’s a question?  “You can’t see me?  My time is now“. But if you CAN see me, then my time has not yet arrived.

Are those two totally unrelated sentences?  I am a rapper, writing a rap song.  I will string together boasts about myself that do not actually form a narrative thread.  That almost makes sense.  Yet I’m still left with one problem.  I can see him.  He says I can’t.  But I can.  This seems to be the boast of a clearly insane person.

I do love wrestling.  In all of it’s forms.  Even the oft ridiculous WWE, with their gibberish spouting leprechaun now cavorting with the sanitized and incredibly marketable DX.

Speaking of rappers, and marketing, and just because I thought of this today and wanted to share it.

Yes.  That’s Kid from Kid ‘n Play.  And yes, that might just be the worst commercial ever filmed.  Did you watch it?  Watch it again, and this time I want you to actively think about this while you watch it – this was the take they kept.

Final thing.  I went to the gym after work today.  Like I do now.  Right up at the front desk, I see 20 or so boxes of pizza.  They seem to be giving pizza away.  At the gym.  Hey fat boy, what do you really want?  Do you wanna sweat on the cardio machines?  Or do you want PIZZA!  Sadistic fucks.  So after I worked out, I came home and ate lasagna.

I’m going to raid my Girl Scout Cookie stash now.  Thin Mint, perchance?

Goodnight, and god bless us, everyone.

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