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Posted by Mick on February 9, 2010 – 9:10 pm

I’m watching Dirty Jobs.  I never used to watch Dirty Jobs.  Then I got married.  I married a Dirty Jobs addict, so now I watch Dirty Jobs.  Lots of Dirty Jobs.

It’s not so bad.  I like to think I’m learning something every time I watch.  For instance, I’m learning right now that the black pigment frequently used in silk screening ink and many paints is made of burnt bone.  Fascinating, isn’t it?  And Mike Rowe is damn entertaining.

DID YOU KNOW:  Mike Rowe was a professional opera singer

Let me tell you the trick to a happy marriage.  You learn to enjoy at least a few of the things your partner enjoys.  It really helps keep the peace.

Now let me tell you the secret to a happy marriage.  You find someone who likes pretty much the same stuff you do, just a little different.

If Tara liked Nickleback and Grey’s Anatomy, my life would be miserable.  But she doesn’t.  She likes Stargate and Dirty Jobs and Myth Busters. I can hang with that.

And to be fair, she’s had to learn to enjoy quite a bit of the things I like.  That wasn’t so hard, though, because I have impeccable taste.

I’m a taste maker!

On to other business . . . I know I’ve been a bit whiny about my job the last few days.  That’s going to happen from time to time, it’s part of what drives me to do make changes in my life.  Today, however, I want to say something a little less bitchy.  My new boss actually seems to be alright.  It’s too early to get excited, but for now, I think she’s going to be a positive influence on the job.  And right now, I’ll take anything positive I can get.

And now I’m going to go watch one of my favorite episodes of South Park.

Be good to each other.

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