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Twice in one week?

Posted by Mick on January 31, 2010 – 9:52 pm

I just watched a video about goats being milked.  Actually, I just watched a video of goats being milked.  How many of you can say that?

Before that happened, I was reading 12 Miles to Utopia, the blog of my friends Jim and Emily.  You might remember them from January 1st – they were my first sponsors.  Jim is building his milking area now, and he’s blogging the process.  It’s fascinating.  I’m getting a vicarious education in small scale goat dairy farming. Today, Jim posted a video from Fantome Farms, showing their milking setup in action.  It’s quite clever.  Here it is if you want to check it out.  It’s cool if you don’t.  Goat milking isn’t everyone’s bag.

I could never do it myself.  First, I don’t really build stuff.  Having a dairy involves building lots of stuff.  This I have learned.  Second, you have to milk the damn things every day.  Twice.  Every day twice.  I’m sorry, but I have things to do.  I can’t be forced to be home twice a day every day.  It would be nice for awhile.  I’ve lived in the country and it has a certain charm.  In the short term.  In the long term, it gets a bit tedious.  For me.  I’d need some ranch hands to take care of things when I went off on my adventures.

All of my ranch hands would have to be little people.  I would also buy a herd of ponies for them to ride when they herd the goats.  There’s not really a point to that.  It just amuses me.  Speaking of amusing me, I would also have a herd of scare goats.  They are actually called Tennessee Fainting Goats, and they’re the ultimate in caprine entertainment.

I want them in my back yard.  Y’all can come over and watch.

DID YOU KNOW?  The word capricious is based on the impulsive and whimsical behavior of goats.

Today wasn’t the best of days.  It started out ok, got up and had some delicious home made gingerbread pancakes and sausages.  Then we went to the gym.  Then my glasses broke.  I wasn’t even doing anything, I took them off to watch a video while I rode the stationary bike, The earpiece just fell apart.  Had to spend an hour waiting on a new pair to be made. Somewhere in there I also had a slight emotional breakdown.  The emotional breakdown is responsible for the day being full of suck.  Full to the brim.  It’s really my own fault, but it’s not really my fault.  I take full responsibility, in that I acknowledge that it is my inability to deal rationally with my emotions, and my tendency to hold them in, that causes more distress than is necessary in most instances.  On the other hand, those behaviors are the results of years and years of conditioning that is extremely difficult to break.  I’m trying though.

It’s actually rather wonderful that we live in a time where you can get a pair of glasses made in an hour.  On a Sunday afternoon, no less.  Quite cool, indeed.  That wouldn’t happen if I lived on a goat farm.

It’s also wonderful that we live in an age where cartoons are on Prime Time Network Television for two hours on Sunday night.  And that one of those hours of Prime Time Network Television contained bestial ass-rape, incestuous loofa ass-rape, and something I’ve never seen before called “Plunger Penis”.

I have had two references to ass-rape in my blog in one week.  I’m hoping this trend doesn’t continue.  Then again, it’s been a few years since I watched Deliverance.

If you were with us yesterday, you know I was extremely excited about going to see Todd Snider again.  And once again it was an evening to remember.

The opening act was a band I wasn’t familiar with, The Trishas.  I wasn’t expecting much when they walked out, but about 5 seconds in to the first song, I was hooked.  Four ladies singing near-flawless four part harmony with a Texas twang that was quite literally entrancing.  They opened with the spiritual “Moses” (there’s a video of them doing that song on Tara’s blog).  They do a nice mix of styles, and keep things interesting by not only trading the lead vocals frequently but also trading instruments.  Here’s their Myspace page if you want to hear some other songs, or check their schedule.  They are well worth a live show.

The next band was The Great American Taxi.  They were good.  The guys are incredibly proficient musicians.  They are also a bluegrass/mountain/honky tonk leaning… jam band.  Sorry, it’s just not my thing.  I get it, your really good.  You can take a song and noodle half an hour out of it.  That doesn’t mean you should.  I try to get into it, I really do.  It’s fun for awhile.  Then I want it to be over.  I want it to be over 20 minutes ago.  And you know what?

They came back out as Todd’s backing band during his set.  I loved them as Todd’s band.  They were great.  Because they played the song and then they stopped and they played another song.  And they stopped saying everything was something style.  You know what I mean?  “We’re glad you came out to hear some music. Saturday night style”.  “We’re gonna do this next song Texas style”.  “We’re having a party Saturday Night Style”.  The entire set.  He said something like that before most every song.  And sometimes in the middle of the song, too.  Because, the songs were like 45 minutes long.  Each one.

It was Saturday night.  In case you missed it.

And as for Todd?  I think he gets better every time I see him.  If you like folk music, I don’t think you will ever see a better show.  I’m going to leave it at that.  If I continue to talk about him I’ll get all sentimental and sappy.  In addition, I would prefer he not get much more popular.  I don’t want to have to see him at Stubbs.  I like Todd in small venues.  So if you’re not a fan, don’t become one.  I’ll keep Todd to myself.  Thank you.

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