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The Book of Eli

Posted by Mick on January 14, 2010 – 11:30 pm

It has been a long one.  A good one, but a long one.

I’ve been studying for a new class all week, and that meant going through lots of content.  Then when we got off work, we headed straight to the South Lamar Drafthouse for the Book of Eli screening.  We grabbed our tickets, went to have a quick coffee at Flipnotics, back to wait in line, and then inside.  Where we feasted!  I had popcorn, Tara had queso, I had some of her Queso, and we split a pizza.

I really liked The Book of Eli.  I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was.  It was good.  The movie deserves, I think, to be weighed on two different scales – performance and story.  In terms of performance, the film is wonderful.  I really want to say some things about Washington’s performance, and about the direction, and I just can’t because I’m dead tired and work starts early in the morning. The story is a much more spiritual take on the post-apocalyptic genre – it’s an Old Testament prophet tale ala Mad Max.  Ass kicking and bloody dismemberment included.  There is more I want to say, and more I will say I’m sure, but for now, I will simply say I loved the performance, I liked the story.

Goodnight.  See you tomorrow.

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