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So long, Democracy!

Posted by Mick under Personal (1 Respond)

Corporations have a right to free speech?
The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS from here on, because I’m a lousy typist. And lazy.) today ruled that it’s unconstitutional to ban or  limit Corporate spending on elections.  Because a corporation is legally a person, and people have a right to free speech.
This is one of [...]

I’m feeling the Captain’s Itch

Posted by Mick under Film (No Respond)

The title of this entry means absolutely nothing.  It just sounded good.
Does anyone know where it came from?
I really just don’t have much to say today.  We bought tickets to see A Town Called Panic at the Alamo Drafthouse this weekend.  We opted to wait until Sunday, it seemed like an excellent choice for a [...]

Newspapers leave ink on your hands

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What web comics do you read?
I’ve got a couple.  I try to avoid getting too caught up in them, I’ve got a bit of an addictive personality.  It’s one of the few things I miss about getting a newspaper.
I stopped getting a newspaper because I eventually realized two things.  First, I realized I was pretty [...]

Fighting Terrorism is a Drag

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I’m really not feeling it today.
There’s absolutely no reason for that.  Nothing went wrong today.  Lots of stuff went right.  Things just feel blah.
Thinking about it just now, I had what some might call a “light bulb moment”.  I watched close to two episodes of 24 tonight.  I’ve never seen the show before.  I’m not [...]

Maybe the Shrike can stop it!

Posted by Mick under Books, Film, Herzog, Mastodon Dethklok, Scripts (1 Respond)

Alas, another dream crushed.  Hyperion is finally getting a film treatment, and it’s at the hands of Scott Derrickson.  The man behind the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still is going to make a movie out of one of my favorite books.  Not only will I get a suck movie, but the odds [...]

Come on and rock me, Werner Herzog

Posted by Mick under Film, Herzog, Personal, TV (No Respond)

The grand Werner Herzog project has begun.  I’ve determined that I will work my way through his catalog, watching every thing I can get my hands on, and talking about them right here. I’m starting fresh.  Whatever I may have seen of Herzog in the past doesn’t count, it must be viewed again; partly for [...]

It’s still Friday to me!

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WARNING: This blog entry contains SPOILERS about THE BOOK OF ELI.
You’re the stunt rocker
Everybody looks at you
They no you’re something special
By the things you do
Sad confession time.  I’ve never seen Stunt Rock.
Earlier this evening, that statement would have been true.  But no more.  Tonight, I was the Stunt Rocker.
For those of you who have no [...]

The Book of Eli

Posted by Mick under Film (No Respond)

It has been a long one.  A good one, but a long one.
I’ve been studying for a new class all week, and that meant going through lots of content.  Then when we got off work, we headed straight to the South Lamar Drafthouse for the Book of Eli screening.  We grabbed our tickets, went to [...]

C’est la vie

Posted by Mick under Mastodon Dethklok, Music (1 Respond)

Do you give
Do you live from day to day?
Is there no song I can play for you?
C’est la vie
Excuse me.  I’m listening to prog, and it gets into my head sometimes.
Why am I listening to prog?  That’s an excellent question, and normally I’d say it’s just because I dig it.  The last two nights, though, [...]

Does size really matter?

Posted by Mick under Uncategorized (No Respond)

I’ve come to realize something about myself.  It’s a bit shameful, but in the spirit of sharing my journey to  creative freedom, I guess I should share this.
I’m ashamed of the size of my unit.  It’s not too small, by any means.  It’s at least average.  And it gets the job done.  Tara’s perfectly happy [...]

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