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I’m still cool, no matter what you say

Posted by Mick on January 30, 2010 – 1:52 am

This, my friends, is the very definition of discipline.  I am writing a blog entry.  It’s cold outside, there’s a bed down the hall, fully furnished with warm blankets and a lovely fem-geek, and I’m really tired.  But I promised myself I would blog every day.

And here I am.  Don’t feel too sad for me.  I’ve got my Baffin slippers – they’re like sleeping bags for your feet. I’ve got a Pandora station playing Cowboy Junkies, Townes Van Zandt, Mazzy Starr, Cat Power, a little Johnny Cash, a little Lucinda, and it seems to have decided Norah Jones goes with all of this. I’ve gotta say, she blends. I’m snug and warm in my flannel pajama pants and still all metal in my Dethklok hoodie.  And I’m writing.  It’s not at all a bad end to a wonderful Friday night.

As soon as we left work tonight, we headed over to Rob’s apartment.  The three of us brainstormed an idea that just might turn into something cool.  It’s functional, it’s marketable, and it’s art.  Inexpensive art that you use.

Here’s what’s best about where I’m at right now.  Even if this comes to nothing, it’s awesome.  If we make 100 of these things and never sell more than a handful, giving away most of them to our friends, it’s still a success.  The spark of inspiration in Rob’s head running through a team of creative minds, refining it, polishing it, and turning into something tangible.  And it’s such a cool thing.  But I can’t talk about it yet.  Except to say it’s cool.  And when it comes to fruition, I’ll give you one for free.  But you have to ask me for it before March 1, 2010.  Yes, I realize I’m telling you to ask me for something when you have no idea what you’re asking for and might not even want it when you find out what it is and you don’t believe we’ll actually do anything with the idea anyway and wish I’d just shut up about it already.  It’s just that I realized that if we do this thing and it catches on and people like it and start reading my blog then in two years I could have thousands of people asking for a freebie and I can’t afford that and Rob would be pissed.

Wow, those long sentences wear me out.  I don’t actually breathe when I write them so it’s like I’m saying it all and running out of breath and it’s worse because I type really slow so I’m even more winded when I finally finish and it’s really hard to stop doing this once you start.

That’s how my mind works.

After our wonderful creative brainstorming session we headed down to the Ritz for an opening night screening of My Son My Son What Have Ye Done, not only the newest Werner Herzog film but also a collaboration with David Lynch.  Standing in line, we met a wonderful young man whose story really isn’t mine to tell, but it was one of those only in Austin moments that make me love this town so.  We met up with @Accordion27 and @itchythesamurai, who are to be commended for going on opening night and resisting the urge to wait until Sunday when, and I quote, “the cool kids are going”.

The sad thing is, I want to go see it again on Sunday and I can’t, because that would just lend credence to the claim.  Not on my watch, sister.

I’m going to be very careful with what I say about the movie, because I know some of my readers are going to go on Sunday (insert curse words of your choosing here) and I’m too nice to throw any spoilers out there.  Read on with no fear.

My Son My Son What Have Ye Done is a stunning piece of work.  It’s an interesting mesh with it’s predecessor, The Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans in that it shares some of the same surrealistic vibe, there’s an element of police procedural to both, and there’s some creative use of animals, but where Bad Lieutenant:POCNO was very over the top with it’s insanity, My Son is much more “art-house”.  They’re both brilliant, but in very different ways.  The story itself is very much a straight up police procedural.  We open with the crime, we follow the detective has he tries to figure out what’s going on.  The stories from witnesses and confidants are told as if in flashback.  We have, in effect, two stories; What’s Happening Now, and What Happened To Get Us Here.  What’s Happening Now is told very straightforward, because we see it happening. The stories behind What Happened are an entirely different matter.  These are memories, memories stretching back over the past year, and as such they have a surreal element to them.

I’m going to work on a more proper review tomorrow.  I’m tired now and this deserves a much clearer mind.  Short review:  Another Win for Herzog.  The legend continues to deliver the awesome.

Be good to each other.

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