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If worms had daggers

Posted by Mick on January 30, 2010 – 6:12 pm

Sometimes- you rise above it
Sometimes- you sink below
Somewhere in between believing in heaven
and facing the devil you know

Just my clever little way of letting everyone know I’m on my way to see Todd Snider tonight.  Todd is one of my favorite singer/songwriters, and I rarely if ever pass up a chance to see him.  His songs are poignant – at this point we’re going to take a short break and discuss that word.

Poignant has several definitions. 1) Profoundly moving; touching. 2) Piercing, incisive. 3) Astute and pertinent; relevant. One of my favorite definitions of this word is from an old Smothers Brothers album, Think Ethnic.  During the song “I Never Will Marry”, Dick explains to Tommy that the song is poignant,  which he defines as pregnant with feeling.

Take your pick of any or all of those definitions, it applies to all but a few of Todd Snider’s songs, and the other ones are damn funny.  More than that, Todd Snider live is just a good time.  Todd is a wonderful story teller, and will frequently talk at great length between songs.  It doesn’t even bother me that I’ve heard him tell a story about how he came to write a song, and then a year later I hear him tell a completely different story.

What have I told you before, my friends?  It’s not always about the story.  Sometimes it’s all about how the story is told.  I can listen to Todd tell me stories all night long. Here’s an example.

So I’m off to see Todd one more time.  I don’t know how many this makes, I lost count a few years ago.  Here’s his discography, check it out.

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