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Happy New Year – or something

Posted by Mick on January 1, 2010 – 12:16 pm

I should probably be a lot more excited, considering all the optimism I’ve been spouting over the last several days.  Optimism has never really been my strong suit, though.  I’m not a “glass is half empty” guy, I’m a guy who has had his glass break a few too many times to be comfortable with a half a glass.

I’m also not a morning person.  Yet I’m writing in the morning.  This can’t end well, can it?  Only one way to find out, I guess.  Let’s have another cup of coffee and try to bring this thing home.

Our New Years Eve was relatively sedate.  Whilst most of my friends had big parties, or movie watching events, we traveled to the wee tiny town of Pottsville, Texas to see my family who we missed at Christmas.  Presents were exchanged, eyebrows were raised, sanity was questioned, and everyone was in bed by 10, so I brought in the New Year in a deep sleep.  Well, not exactly a deep sleep; as an insomniac, I rarely experience a deep sleep before 3 or 4 in the morning.  But it was sleep nonetheless!  We are now awaiting lunch, including the traditional black-eyed peas for good luck in the New Year.  I’m not saying I believe in such things, but I do like black eyed peas so it never hurts to go along.

It being New Years day, I need to say a big huge THANK YOU to our first sponsors of the year, Jimily Farms.  If you’ve been paying attention, I talked about them quite a bit a few days ago, but today is officially their day.  Jimily Farms is actually Jim and Emily Tankersley and their goats.  Want to see the goats?  Of course you do!

Plum is one of the new girls

Plum is one of the new girls

Peach is the other new girl

Peach is the other new girl

Meet Iris and Fern, the OG's (original goats)

Meet Iris and Fern, the OG's (original goats)

These aren’t just any goats.  These are pure-bred Nubian goats, prized by choreographers the world over for their skills in dance.  They make damn fine dairy goats as well.  Jim and Emily aren’t much for dancing, so they plan to milk these goats for all they are worth.  The pictures don’t show it, but these goats are also preggers!  In a few short months, the farm will be awash with baby goats (those of us from a more rural background call them kids).

I was talking to Jim yesterday and he was explaining his plans to convert the barn into a dairy.  Here’s a little secret – I have no idea what he was saying for most of it, but it sounded really cool?  All that matters is that by this time next year I’m expecting to have an icebox chock full of delicious craft cheeses made from the milk of these goats.  And that’s what’s most awesome about Jimily Farms – These goats are loved.  Jim and Emily treat them more like pets than farm animals.  You can read Jim’s blog and get to know Peach, Plum, Iris, Fern, and all of their kids.  When you eat that cheese, or use the soaps and lotions, you’ll know exactly where it came from, and you can be confident that all the ingredients are organic, ecologically friendly, and cruelty free.  Em and Jim are kinda obsessive about that stuff.  In a good way.

Jim raises bees for honey, too.  He’s going to have to buy a new day before I talk about bees, though.

Well, it’s getting close to lunch time and I need to go check on the food (that means walk through the kitchen and see what I can nibble on).  Thanks for starting your New Year with us.  I hope you keep coming back.  Tara and I have all sorts of adventures we want to share with you, I still have a few things left over from Christmas, and today just might involve Zebras.

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