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Does size really matter?

Posted by Mick on January 12, 2010 – 5:19 pm

I’ve come to realize something about myself.  It’s a bit shameful, but in the spirit of sharing my journey to  creative freedom, I guess I should share this.

I’m ashamed of the size of my unit.  It’s not too small, by any means.  It’s at least average.  And it gets the job done.  Tara’s perfectly happy with it.  But I don’t like showing it to my friends.  Lots of my friends have ones that are bigger, and those who don’t at least expect me to have a little more.

My TV is only 36″.  And it has a tube.

So now you know my dirty little secret.  And if I don’t invite you over, you’ll understand. It’s not that I think you’d point.  And laugh.

I just know we’d both be a little embarrassed.

And now I am off to write  for a bit.  Working on Mastadon/Dethklok tonight.  First off this evening is going back over the vitals for my two main characters, and then I’ll work on the vitals for my third major character.  He’s gonna be fun, I’ve already cast him in my head.

Should I tell you who I’m thinking?  I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with that or not.  What do you think?  I’m honestly interested in your opinion about that.  Not whether or not you want to know (although that would be cool too), but do you think I should talk about that during the writing process?  What would you do?

To be truthful, I’d probably tell you if we were just standing around talking.  I think it’s the act of putting it in writing on the internet, where it lives forever in one form or another, that gives me pause.  I’m also really afraid that my Producer would be upset with me.  I don’t know the rules yet.  Then again, that gives me an excuse, right?  I didn’t know it was wrong. But now that I’ve said that, I can’t say it.  I’ve removed my plausible deniability.  Cursed logic!

I love that word.  Cursed.  With two syllables.  We need a special way to write that.  I need one of you to take on that task.

I’ve got a sponsor tomorrow!  It’s a girl.

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