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and able to jump extraordinarily high.

Posted by Mick on January 9, 2010 – 11:34 pm

As if today wasn’t going well enough already, I just found out about this.  Asylum Home Entertainment, you know them, right?   Halloween Night?  666: The Child?  The DaVinci Treasure?  Not tinging a bell?  How about  cleverly titled Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus? Did you see it?  A shark so big it grabbed a jet liner out of the air.  Just jumped up and bit a plane.  727 maybe.  Mega Shark indeed.  Well, now they’re making a Sherlock Holmes movie called, evidently, Sherlock Holmes.  And I’m in.  Here’s all I know about the story – it involves Spring Heel Jack, and London is attacked by giant monsters.  I don’t know what giant monsters, but if the poster is to be believed:

HELL yes!

That's a giant octopus. That's a T-Rex. And I think that's a dragon.

You hooked me.  I’m down.  I’m going opening night.

Seriously, though.  Can you imagine if someone actually spent some time and money on this idea?  Will James Cameron makes THIS movie, as scripted by Bong Joon-ho,  with all his Avatar technology.  Then I’ll be impressed.   Furthermore, I went and did some reading on Spring Heel Jack, and Sherlock Holmes investigating Spring Heel Jack could actually make a compelling story.  Although I’m not really seeing where the T-Rex fits in.

Anywhere he wants!

The Spring Heel Jack story is rather compelling.  Spring Heel Jack, also known as Spring Heeled Jack,  is (according to Wikipedia) “a character from English folklore said to have existed during the Victorian era and able to jump extraordinarily high“.  Long and complicated story boiled down to what probably actually happened:  In the 1830’s, some rich eccentric (most likely a rich British eccentric, this being in England and all) decided to act out a super-villain character on the local populace.  Seriously.  The guy made a costume and quite possibly some special jumping apparatus and went out fucking with people’s heads.  On a dare.  The story got popular, people start talking about him, other people freak out and imagine (or make up) encounters, and the story grows.  I think that kicks ass.  I’d like to do something like that.  Actually I’d rather think up that story and then watch someone else do it.  Less chance of getting shot that way.

I like to drink tea.  I link to drink good tea, tea snob tea, if you will.  Problem one, I know nothing about tea.  Problem two, I don’t really care to know that much about tea.  Problem three, I don’t want to work that hard to have a cuppa.  Tara is a tea expert.  Problem solved.

Tea snob tea.  What a strange little phrase.  It’s like a chant.  Do, down to So, back to Do.  Tea-Snob-Tea.  Tea-Snob-Tea.

Just make me some tea, don’t ask what I want.  Make me what you want.  We’ll both be happier that way.

Monster Squad!  We went to the Monster Squad screening at the Alamo Draft House tonight.  Had much fun.  I’m going to admit something I’m more than a little ashamed of.  I had never seen Monster Squad.  I know.  And at some point you get to this place where you don’t want to admit you haven’t seen it, you push it far back in the depths of your mind, the we don’t think about these things part of your mind.  You know the place.  Don’t look in there right now.  You’ll see something really disturbing that you hoped you’d never remember.  So there I was, not thinking about how I hadn’t seen it so I never rectified the situation.  Until tonight.  As soon as I heard this was happening, I was ready.  I got me some tickets, I reserved the night on the calendar, I failed to tell @mztomlinson about it until a day or two ago, and boom, there we were.

Loved it.  It made my heart happy in so many places.  I’m almost glad I waited until tonight to see it.  As good as I’m sure it is on VHS, or DVD, or even Blu, it was awesome on the big screen.  Evene better, at the Alamo Ritz.  Shane Black, Fred Dekker, Andre Gower, Ryan Lambert, and Jon Gries were all on hand and gave a really fun Q&A.  And I picked up this amazing Tyler Stout poster.

Tyler Stout does the Monster Squad

Tyler Stout does the Monster Squad

We also went to see Daybreakers today.  I missed it at FantasticFest, and I had heard good things, so I was looking forward to it.  It was good.  It wasn’t great, but I enjoyed it.  They kept it relatively faithful to accepted Vampire canon – sunlight kills, no reflection – but threw in just enough alternate mythos to keep it interesting.  They also blew stuff up.  Lots of stuff.  The vampires blew up real good.  It’s good enough that I’d like to see it again and see if it holds up.  Who’s seen it twice?  What did you think?

I’m a sucker for Willem Dafoe.  I just like watching him work.  His presence in a movie makes it hard for me to be critical.  I want to like it.  Ethan Hawke offsets that a bit, I’m not a big fan, but then Sam Neill pushes it back into positive prejudice.  I even liked him in Merlin.

Tomorrow I get back into the Mastadon/Dethklok trenches.  More character vitals, more scene work.  Hold me to it, please.

Goodnight, friends.  I’m going to finish listening to Sweet Soul Sister by The Cult, and then I’m going to bed.  It’s been a long a wonderful day.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings us.

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