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I Mark Out in front of you

Posted by Mick on January 4, 2010 – 10:07 pm

My geekitude is broad.

Is geekitude a word?  If it isn’t, it ought to be.

As I was saying, my geekitude is broad.  I’m well versed in many topics, I’m not an expert in anything.   I can’t focus.  There’s so much to love out there!

Tonight, I should be watching one of 20 movies I’m behind on, or watching two discs I need to review, or working on the vitals of another character in Mastadon/Dethklok.  What am I doing?  I’m watching wrestling.  And recording wrestling.

Wrestling has been a part of my life off and on for as long as I can remember.  Seriously, one of my earliest memories is watching wrestling, I think with my mother.  It’s a vague memory, but it’s a dear one.  For the rest of my life, I’ve kept up with wrestling.  I don’t watch everything, but i watch often.  I check in with the back stage news often enough to know what’s really going on.

And I find it fascinating on so many levels.  I could expound them, at length.  I have before.  And I might again.  I won’t tonight, because that’s not what this is about.

Which brings us to tonight.  It’s a rather historic night in wrestling.  One might say the most historic night in the history of the business.  I wouldn’t say that, but many many people have said it tonight.  Most of them wrestlers.

Factoid – hyperbole is a crucial element in professional wrestling.  If we don’t get enough hyperbole, we feel cheated.

Tonight is historic because TNA is airing on a Monday night for the first time.  Against WWE’s flagship show, RAW.  The little guys going up against the big guys.  Tonight is also the night Hulk Hogan shows up on TNA.

Factoid – I am not a fan of Hulk Hogan.

It is a pretty awesome night, though.  They’re bringing on lots of older guys we haven’t seen in awhile, showing some old school love.  They even played the NWO theme when Hogan walked out.  Scott Hall and Sean Waltman got in the ring with Hogan, and Nash came out and joined them.  Hogan let it be known that this was not going to be an NWO reunion, he’s a serious man now.  If you’re an old WCW fan, you might have picked up on the hand sign Nash and company flashed as they left the ring.  Don’t turn your back on the Wolfpack – you might wind up in a bodybag. Or is it just a front?  Maybe they really are “putting the band back together”.

Did I mark out over it all?  Yes I did.  It’s FUN!

Factoid – To “mark out” is to temporarily buy in to the fake story line.  Often involves cheering like a little girl at a Miley Cyrus concert.  But with more cursing.

What am I recording?  I’m recording WWE.  They decided to counter all of THAT historical import with a bit of their own.  Guest Host tonight?  Bret “The Hitman” Hart.  A man who, in the real world, has a handful of reasons to hate Vince McMahon.  One good reason?  The Montreal Screw Job.  Long story short, Bret’s contract was up, McMahon did not want to resign him for the same pay.  Bret chose to leave.  His final match, against Shawn Michaels at one of the major Pay-Per-View events, was planned to end with Hart winning and retaining the title, then having it stripped when he left the company.  McMahon wanted Hart to lose.  Hart did not want to lose because this match was in Canada, his home, it was a major event, and he didn’t get along with Michaels.  They negotiated and agreed on this ending.  McMahon then told Michaels to pin Hart, and the referee to do a fast count. It’s like your boss and the guy you work with but hate getting together and saying “Fuck You”, but in front of a few million people.

See?  Wrestling is fake, but even the fake stuff gets real.

Oh, and Hart also blames McMahon for his brother’s death.  And he’s got a good point.

Now, realize that most of the wrestlers on TNA used to work for McMahon, and many of them have a grudge against him.  It’s drama here, drama there, drama drama everywhere. Fake drama in the storylines, and real drama behind the scenes.

On top of which you get to see guys beat the hell out of each other – with real blood, all for your entertainment.

So yeah, I’m a bit of a wrestling geek.  It makes me happy.

You know what else makes me happy?  My friend Matt.  I got some late Christmas presents tonight.  They are awesome.  I’m gonna save them for tomorrow.

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  1. 1. Matt Said:

    Brother! lol Let me say i will take a WCW clone over any WWE show right now cause its gotten to the point where they have to put Orton against a Koko B. Ware wannabe to try and give him “the rub.” Hogan seems to have good intentions and last night I marked like I havent in a good while. I loved the show. Viva la Hogan! and Bischoff is gonna rule. No AOL bitches to shoot down his good ideas! Plus I wonder what they will call the NWO now since Vince owns “NWO”. hmmmm.

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