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Archive for January, 2010

Twice in one week?

Posted by Mick under Music, Personal, YouTube (No Respond)

I just watched a video about goats being milked.  Actually, I just watched a video of goats being milked.  How many of you can say that?
Before that happened, I was reading 12 Miles to Utopia, the blog of my friends Jim and Emily.  You might remember them from January 1st – they were my first [...]

If worms had daggers

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Sometimes- you rise above it
Sometimes- you sink below
Somewhere in between believing in heaven
and facing the devil you know
Just my clever little way of letting everyone know I’m on my way to see Todd Snider tonight.  Todd is one of my favorite singer/songwriters, and I rarely if ever pass up a chance to see him.  His [...]

I’m still cool, no matter what you say

Posted by Mick under Film, Herzog, Personal (No Respond)

This, my friends, is the very definition of discipline.  I am writing a blog entry.  It’s cold outside, there’s a bed down the hall, fully furnished with warm blankets and a lovely fem-geek, and I’m really tired.  But I promised myself I would blog every day.
And here I am.  Don’t feel too sad for me.  [...]

Death and loss

Posted by Mick under Personal (No Respond)

It’s been a day for bad news.  Let’s review:
Disney has officially closed Miramax.  Say what you will about Miramax and the Weinsteins, they changed the landscape for film in the United States.  Did they cut too much from foreign films they distributed?  Probably.  Did they bury films from film makers who wouldn’t do things their [...]


Posted by Mick under Gadgets, Technology (3 Responds)

Apple unveiled the iPad today.  I am less than impressed.  It looks like the bastard child of a Kindle and an iPodTouch.  Of course, the Apple faithful are creaming themselves over the idea.  That doesn’t mean you have to.
Let’s get something straight.  Contrary to what one of my students said last week when he thought I [...]

I double dog dare you!

Posted by Mick under Uncategorized (No Respond)

Is it wrong that I really wanted to take my electronic cigarette into the gym tonight and use it on the treadmill?
If I tell you that is was only so I could see the look on the other people’s faces, does that make it better, or does that make it worse?
I decided not to do [...]

Sound and Fury

Posted by Mick under Internet, Music, Personal (No Respond)

I started yet another project last night, although this one is quite a bit smaller than most of my current projects.  I’ve been putting it off and putting it off, but I finally started an official duplicate copy of all my music. 
A few years ago, I had a major meltdown and lost a bunch of [...]

My nemesis uncovered

Posted by Mick under Film, Personal (1 Respond)

I’m finally putting my VCR to DVD dubbing machine to work.  It hasn’t seen any action in quite awhile.  Partly due to my own laziness, since I have one or two things I should probably get dubbed over while I still can.  Did I say partly?  That should actually say mostly.  I’ll let you edit [...]

A little magic power

Posted by Mick under Film, Herzog, Personal (1 Respond)

Something’s at the edge of your mind, you don’t know what it is.
Something you were hoping to find, you don’t know what it is.
Then you hear the music, and it all comes crystal clear.
The music does the talking, says the things you want to hear.
Art should speak to your soul.  That’s what makes it art.  [...]

No Rico, Just Suave

Posted by Mick under Personal (1 Respond)

I love making up stories.
I think that deep in my heart I’ve always loved making up stories.  It’s only recently that I’ve given myself the freedom to do it.  To be more specific, I spent many years convincing myself that it was something I couldn’t do, or shouldn’t do.  I really can’t remember anymore how [...]

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