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These are the days that try men’s souls

Posted by Mick on December 29, 2009 – 2:40 pm

Sorry folks, not every post here is going to be candy colored unicorns dancing in the sun.

The last day or so has been . . . challenging.  We’ll say challenging, because I’ve heard from one or two sources (mainly my parents) that my vocabulary tends to be a little blue, and I figure I’ll save the expletives for situations that really deserve them.

The glorious extended weekend ended with my blog, this blog, being inaccessible.  In this instance, inaccessible means “missing the f-ing database”.  Missing as in totally and completely gone.  So I went to sleep thinking everything I had done over the last week (and hadn’t quite yet backed up because I expected my service provider to do it) was gone forever.

When I woke up, everything was back, the service provider had fixed their issue, but that seems to have set a precedent for the rest of the day, and maybe even bleeding into today.  I’m not going to bore you with every single little thing that went wrong – I don’t want to write that any more than you don’t want to read it.

I did wind up missing the social event of the day, though.  Today is the day Scott E. Weinberg celebrates his spawning, and last night he held a secret film screening at the Alamo Draft House.  At midnight.  Since I still have to work the day job, I figured a nap was in order before I left.  I had been feeling a little sick to my stomach all day, and the nap was supposed to help that as well.

Cut to the chase – it didn’t.  I woke up feeling like small furry creatures were battling in my digestive tract.  And not in a good way.

So I elected to skip the screening, partly because I felt like ass, and partly because I didn’t know if I was contagious or not, so I figured I’d be a nice guy and not spread my own personal pandemic.  What did I miss?  Halloween.  I’ve seen it, of course, but not on the big screen.  Damn.

I see some hands raised . . . “Who is Scott E. Weinberg?”  Excellent question.  He’s a movie geek superstar, writing and editing at such sites as Cinematical,, and HorrorSquad.  If you don’t already read his stuff, I suggest you do.

So I missed that.  No biggie, really, just a little disappointing.  More disappointing is that I’m still feeling a bit sick.  But this too shall pass.

In other, much happier, CyberMonkeyDeathSquad news:  my friend Dustin contributed a review of Sherlock Holmes, and Abraxas sent in his final column of 2009, so you should probably check those out.

Shea Whigham as "Mad Dog Mantee"I received a message from producer extraordinaire Brian Udovich today regarding the upcoming DVD release of one of my favorite films from FantasticFest 2008, South of Heaven.  It’s not quite ready yet, but it’s coming soon.  Until then, check out my review.  This is a must see for anyone who likes things that are awesome.

I also received some DVD’s of work by a filmmaker named Jim Ether.  It comes highly recommended by my ninja Robert Lambert, so I’m expecting much awesome.  I’ll tell you about it as soon as I can.

And in the best little piece of wonderful all week, we now have our first daily sponsors!  Emily Tankersley and her husband Jim have a goat ranch, and they’re moving into a new endeavor, dairy goats.  How does that help you?  Well, Jim and Emily (or Jimily, as I like to call them) are crafts people, and the milk from their goats isn’t for drinking.  Over the next year they will be perfecting their own line of cheeses, soaps, and lotions made from the wonderful goat milk they will be producing.  If you’re interested in soaps and lotions made by hand from the finest ingredients on the planet, you’re going to want to follow these folks.  You might even want to get to know the goats.

Get to know the goats?  Hell yeah!  The way I see it, anyone can sell you soap and SAY it’s from the happiest goats on the planet.  Jim and Emily show you!  They keep a wonderful blog detailing the goings on at the ranch, and introduce you to the goats (and their loveable goat herding dog Boulle).  So what are you waiting for?  Follow them now, so you’ll be in the loop when the soap starts a flowing!

Jim is also going to be raising some serious gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.  Shiitake! Disclaimer:  I do not know if Jim will actually be raising shiitake mushrooms.  I just like saying shiitake, and it’s difficult to work it in to most conversations.  I’m always looking for an excuse.  This seemed like a no brainer. Jim and Emily’s sponsorship does not officially happen until January 1st, so consider this a bonus, because they’re special.  They got FIRSTIES!

Wait a second – we got our first two sponsors today?  I guess it really is a good day after all.  Amazing how a few paragraphs of writing can turn your attitude around, isn’t it?

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  1. 1. lola0813 Said:

    Getting better and better with each post, sir! (BTW, hope you feel better soon.)

  2. 2. Mick Said:

    Thank you, D!

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