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Out with the old!

Posted by Mick on December 31, 2009 – 2:31 pm

And now the hands of time are standin’ still
Midnight angel, won’t you say you will?
We’re running with the shadows of the night
So baby take my hand, you’ll be alright
Surrender all your dreams with me tonight
They’ll come true in the end.

A lesser man than me might try to tie those lyrics in to a larger theme – something about an old year passing and a new year starting, new projects starting in a valiant attempt to make dreams into reality, a new life almost in our grasp if we can just reach a little harder …

But I’m a better man than that.  Those lyrics are up there for one reason and one reason only.  They’re glorious!  Tara and I were at lunch at one of our favorite lunch spots, Catfish Parlour (on N. 183), which we tragically rarely get to visit for lunch anymore, and we were discussing many things rock oriented.

And I’m not talking geology, here, you understand?  I’m talking music.

We were discussing many things rock oriented, and Pat Benatar’s name came up.  Say what you will, I really liked the first two albums, and I’ll still listen to “Precious Time” on occasion.  Her later stuff doesn’t really do it for me.  Except “Shadows of the Night”.  What a wonderful slice of cheese.  And of course, even though I could quote most of the lyrics to you I have no idea what they are about, because as far as I’m concerned the song is about a group of ragtag devil may care soldiers who infiltrate a Nazi party and blow the house down before escaping in conveniently stashed fighter planes.  And damned if two of those soldiers don’t look like Judge Reinhold and Bill Paxton.

Even though the song reeks of cheesy goodness, it does have an excellent pedigree.  It was written by Nikki Chinn and Peter Chapman, who wrote many excellent songs for The Sweet.

Watched two episodes of Glee last night.  I saw the first four or so, and then missed a few.  I loved the pilot, and enjoyed the next several episodes, but it just didn’t click in to the “don’t miss this” zone.  So I missed some.  It’s in reruns now, and I was sitting on the couch writing when it came on, so I started listening – thank you Jane Lynch – and damn if I didn’t get almost sucked in.  If you can get past the shiny gloss, it’s really a twisted and dark story.  I like that!

And to be honest, I do regret missing any chance to watch Jane Lynch.  That woman is one of the best character actors in the business, and she makes anything watchable.

If I have one argument with the show, it’s this:  Stop with the damn Auto-Tune already! I think I could actually get behind the musical numbers in the show more if they didn’t sound so mechanical.  I like hearing a person sing, not a computer.  Or did you fuck up and hire actors who couldn’t sing?  You were making a musical, that’s inexcusable.  Get a voice coach, make them work at it, and give me some real singing.  I don’t expect Pat Benatar quality vocals, these are supposed to be high school glee club members, it’s ok if they sound a little raw.

Then again, I’m obviously in the minority when it comes to Auto-Tune.  Maybe I should write their commercial – “Can’t sing?  No worries!  If you’re pretty, we can make you a star.  We’re Auto-Tune!”

On a more serious note, it is indeed the last day of 2009.  On one hand, tomorrow really won’t be any different from today.  January 1st is just an arbitrary day.  On the other hand, it’s as good a day as any other to say “Change begins now.”

I look back at where I was one year ago today, when several of us got together and said “This will be the year, change is coming”, and you know what?  We didn’t get where we wanted to be.  But we got somewhere.  And we’re still going.

It’s not always about the destination, my friends.  It’s really about the journey.  Pick a destination and move towards it, or else you never move.  But as you travel down that road, look around.  There are so many wonderful things on the road, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find something you didn’t even know you were looking for.  As you experience what the journey offers you, you learn.  As you learn, you grow.  And as you grow, your destination may change.

You might just find yourself looking down a road you couldn’t have imagined a year ago.

I’m going to spend this New Year’s Eve with my family.  I love them dearly and don’t spend nearly enough time with them.  As I start this new year, and this new journey, I can’t think of a better way to do it than being near the people who have supported me through all of the previous pathways I’ve traveled, even when they didn’t understand the choices I’ve made.  And my friends, that ain’t all been good choices.

On that note, I would like to leave you with one more lyric.  Jon Dee Graham is one of my current obsessions.  If you’re not familiar with his work, that’s a damn shame.  Maybe you should read this.  Much of his work is a little dark, most of the rest is a lot dark.  But somewhere deep inside of him there’s still a spark of the beauty and wonder in the world, and a hope.  This is my hope for all of you, as well as myself, in the next New Year.

Something very wonderful is gonna happen.
Yeah to you.
Yeah to you.
Yeah to you.
Even you.

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