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It’s a big sweet Christmas

Posted by Mick on December 26, 2009 – 12:28 am

Christmas day is almost over, and I’m sad to see it go.

In keeping with the spirit of the last few months, this Christmas was quite different from previous years.  Probably the biggest difference – it’s the first I’ve spent away from my family in more years than I can count (especially at this time of night).  It’s also the first I’ve spent with Tara’s family – who I must say have embraced me completely and really make me feel a part of the family.

Today’s activities involved very much awesome, and I might tell you more about all of that at a later time.  I had planned to tell you all about the really cool adventures we had today, but that’s not going to happen.  I’ve learned recently that often times when I write, the story I set out to tell and the story I wind up telling  are two completely different beasts.  I’ve also learned that it’s something I can fight, and it’s almost always better if I don’t.

The story you’re getting is called “Things I realized today”, and it consists completely of things I realized today (hence the name).  I find that very appropriate, because really, when you stop and look at it from a certain angle, Christmas Day is a day that’s all about new beginnings.

Today, I learned that it makes me very happy to talk about a story I’m writing.  I went to a carnival with Tara, her brother Clay, and her cousin Zack.  A few months back at the Renaissance Festival, Zack presented me with an idea he had for a movie.  Not much to go on, just a one sentence “what if”.  A short time later, after I had mentioned going to a concert fronted by two rather amazing metal bands (Mastadon and Dethklok), Scott Weinberg challenged me to write a script named Mastadon Dethklok.   Two days later, light-bulbs blinked into existence, lightning flashed, thunder roared, and I had the basic framework for my current project.  Since Zack’s idea was part of the inspiration, I thought he might be interested in how it was going, and he was.  What surprised me was how much I liked telling him.  It’s a big part of my new life that I never expected to like.

Today, I realized just how differently I’m looking at the world around me.  I’m noticing light and shadow more, watching people’s interactions differently, looking at locations as possible settings for a story.  But what’s funny is that I’m not really doing it more than I did before, I’m allowing myself to do it consciously, I’m embracing it, I’m enjoying my imagination.

Today, I realized that miniature donkeys are really cute.

They're like horses and donkeys, only smaller.

Today I learned that there is something even cuter than miniature donkeys.

Baby mini donkey

Today, I realized that it’s the little things that make life amazing,  Driving through a forest for no other reason than it’s Christmas Day and you don’t have to be anywhere in a hurry.  And you might get a story out of it.

It’s been a wonderful day.  I’m tired, my lovely wife is asleep next to me, and I really want to snuggle up next to her.   In the words of Jon Dee Graham, “it’s a big sweet life”.  I treasure each and every one of you, dear readers.  Have your own big sweet life today.

And Merry Christmas!

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